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ZGBriefs | April 23, 2015

With an Influx of Newcomers, Little Chinatowns Dot a Changing Brooklyn (April 15, 2015, The New York Times)
With Chinese immigrants now the second largest foreign-born group in the city and soon to overtake Dominicans for the top spot, they are reshaping neighborhoods far beyond their traditional enclaves. Nowhere is the rapid growth of the city’s Chinese population more pronounced than in Brooklyn


ZGBriefs | April 16, 2015

China: What the Uighurs See (April 13, 2015, The New York Review of Books)
Drake has been traveling to Xinjiang since 2007, when she began photographing Central Asia from her base in Istanbul. Over the years, she has come to know the region well, and struggled to break free from its clichés. The summation of her work is Wild Pigeon, an ambitious, beautiful, and crushingly sad book.


ZGBriefs | April 9, 2015


Ancient Chinese Community Celebrates Its Jewish Roots, and Passover (April 6, 2015, Sinosphere) 
In a hotel dining room festooned with purple garlands for a coming wedding, Chinese of Jewish descent in the central city of Kaifeng came together on Friday night for a Seder, the traditional Passover meal over which the Exodus story is recounted. Just two days before Qingming, the “tomb-sweeping” festival when Chinese traditionally pay their respects at family graves, they had gathered to recall ancestors even more ancient and a world away.