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Expatriates Serving in China’s New Era

Recent Developments, Future Prospects

Many of China’s expatriate ministry professionals, increasingly finding difficulties in ministering, are turning to serving the church in China remotely. The author explores the issues influencing whether expatriate Christians can continue to live and minister within China.

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The Church, Its Impact on Society and Partnership with the International Christian Community

If there are to be more active and mature working relationships between foreign and local believers, it is essential that there be a better understanding of the degree to which local Chinese churches are poised to be able to take one the responsibility of helping their own communities and those beyond. The time may be ripe for there to be more dialogue on how foreign believers can transition from taking an active initiative in reaching out to local communities to that of taking on a more supportive, facilitative and mentoring role.

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The Future of Business as Mission in China

A look at benefits of "business as mission" for China and the trends in the China that will affect its viability and potential impact.

Peoples of China

Stewardship in the Business Community

Chinese Christian business people are finding innovative ways to steward the resources God has given them.

Book Reviews

Kingdom Business for Transformation

God is at Work by Ken Eldred.

Reviewed by Brian Williams

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Into the Marketplace

Can top executives in multinational companies offer meaningful Christian service despite the demands of their jobs? Can a walnut farmer use his occupation as a platform for witness? Is it possible for foreign teachers to witness to their faith with their students? Each of these questions can be answered with a resounding “yes.”