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Discipleship from Karma to Atonement

A New Resource on ResearchShare.

What is needed for effective discipleship among Tibetan Buddhist background believers?

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10 Quotes from Jesus, the Path to Human Flourishing by I’Ching Thomas

The presenter for our upcoming webinar, "How Relevant is the Gospel for the Chinese."

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The Impact of Buddhism

Even When It Is More Cultural than Belief

In Asian culture, often anyone who is born in a Buddhist country is considered a Buddhist. It’s not uncommon for people with a strong family identity to consider their family and religion together.

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Seeing the Gospel from Zhuangzi’s Worldview

Could Zhuangzi have something to teach us about the gospel?

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Important Themes in Zhuangzi’s Teachings

How Buddhist teachings resonated with China's cultural identity making way for its spread. 

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Reconsidering Traditional Teachings in Difficult Times

Could the entrance of Buddhism into China offer cultural insights on how to share the message of Christ in China today?

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Paths of the Soul

A Film Review

Regardless of each person’s personal reason, the ultimate purpose of the pilgrimage was to pray for others.

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Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing

A Book Review

An excellent book for anyone who engages with cultural Chinese or who is doing the challenging work of contextualization. 

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Religion in China—By the Numbers

Some interesting statistics from the new government White Paper on religious belief and practice in China. 

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China’s Religious Revival

A genuine "must-read" for those seeking to understand the complexities of religious life in China today.