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Speeding Up? Or Slowing Down?

A Study on the Current Church Growth Situation in China

Is the church in China growing as fast as we thought?

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

What can we learn from the recent conference on religious work? A comparison with the 2018 conference helps tease out key points.


Policy, Implementation, and Shifting Official Perceptions of the Church in China

Persistent reports of Christians in China being harassed, fined, detained and oppressed through discriminatory policies often lead outside observers to conclude that the Chinese government is pursuing a concerted and consistent policy to restrict Christian activity and stem the growth of Christianity. While these troubling incidents remain a reality of life in China, a survey of the larger picture suggests that they are the exception rather than the rule, and that there may be room for cautious optimism concerning future policy toward China's Christians.

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Anticipating Urban China

As ChinaSource celebrates 20 years of service we are digging into our archives for articles chronicling the myriad far-reaching changes in China during the past two decades. Here we look at urbanization.

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Religious Statistics in China

Current evidence is that religion is flourishing in China. However, practical problems make statistical statements for the number of religious believers in China quite hazardous. The author cautiously examines the evidence that exists for each of the five, major, officially-recognized religious faiths in China.

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Telecommunications and the Internet in China

Among developing countries, China is number one in the pace at which telecommunication services and the Internet are being developed. These developments will contribute enormously to China’s modernization and integration into the global economy and may have significant domestic social and political impact. 

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A Field Study of “The Church of Almighty God” Cult

The authors did a field study of The Church of Almighty God over several years. In their report they include excerpts from the writings of the “female Christ” found in The Scroll That the Lamb Opened. There are also quotes from several individuals they interviewed who had dealt directly with the cult. They conclude with comments regarding churches adopting either an “open or closed” policy.

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“Kiwis” in the Middle Kingdom

New Zealanders Serving God’s Mission in China from 1877 to 1953 and Beyond

Yuan provides an extensive overview of early mission work in China done by New Zealanders. She acquaints us with mission agencies and some of the missionaries as she describes how the work progressed.

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Chinese Education: From Hallowed to Hollow

For the fourth straight year in row, the number of college hopefuls taking the national university entrance exam, or gaokao, has dropped. Analysts trace the decline to a corresponding drop in the number of children born at the beginning of the last decade due to China's one-child policy. However, the decrease also suggests two realities facing young people in China today.


ZGBriefs Newsletter for May 17, 2012

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