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New Media, New Direction

[…] at the opening of Psalm 90 was supposed to mean to me at that moment. When I got up later in the morning, I heard the unfortunate news that one of our largest WeChat channels had been shut down. Of course, I knew it was a possibility, but somehow that hardly lessened the blow […]

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The Three-Self Patriotic Movement

Divergent Perspectives and Grassroots Realities

[…] Party set up the five national religious associations, only the Christian associations were compelled to include “patriotic” in their organizational titles. This added to suspicions toward the newly formed TSPM among grassroots believers, congregations, and their church leaders, who faced hard decisions. Church leaders could choose to affiliate with and fall under TSPM (and […]

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

[…] the goal of enhancing “national security.” Whether speaking of socialist or “historical” reeducation, the Chinese Communist Party aims to draw Christians into a tighter embrace. Xi also offers a new twist on familiar terms. “Three Self” or “three autonomies” is one such term. Originally, it meant that Chinese religions had to operate independently of […]

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Urban Public Space and New Media Ministry

After defining “ new media” and what it encompasses, An looks at the various ways the church in China views it, what it means for the church, and how it can affect the church. He then gives some thoughts on how the church should deal with it—not only the challenges it brings, but how […]

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New Media and the Church

How WeChat Changes the Dynamics between the Registered Church and Other Believers

[…] mentality is a stubborn one. The deep-seated mindset of avoiding danger has a tendency to persist, rearing its head with each new technological development. By comparison, instrumentalism offers some nuance to such an extreme posture, believing that technology and media are tools (or instruments) that can be used for either good or bad, depending […]

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“Kiwis” in the Middle Kingdom

New Zealanders Serving God’s Mission in China from 1877 to 1953 and Beyond

Yuan provides an extensive overview of early mission work in China done by New Zealanders. She acquaints us with mission agencies and some of the missionaries as she describes how the work progressed.

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Bridging the Divide in Asian American Churches

A Book Review

[…] decades . . .  ew and healthy models of overseas Chinese churches and ministries have emerged. Yet the same questions remain. For every generation that has worked through the generational and cultural issues, another has just arrived, or is on the way." This book provides a means to revisit the these reoccurring questions in a new light.  

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New Era and New Roles

Changes and Issues for Chinese Ministries in a New Context

Changes in China over the past ten years are dictating changes for the church in China. Kim reviews the main areas of change and the ways these have affected the churches. Then he looks at new roles for both workers from overseas and China’s churches.

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A New Year for Those Living in China’s New Normal

As we end one year and begin a new one, it’s time to look back and reflect—and take a deep breath, bracing ourselves for what is to come in 2022. And as we look back and prepare for the future, we do so with open hearts and anticipation, and with awareness of the world […]