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How China’s Christians Can Heal China’s Environment

Vol. 11, No. 2

What is the Christian's responsibility to the natural environment created by God?

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Recognizing Blessing in the Coming Integration

Although there may be increasing restrictions for believers in the future, God’s sovereignty is still in force. Socio-political and economic changes can be used by God as instruments to accomplish his purposes.

Chinese Church Voices

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

A Sermon

Here at Chinese Church Voices, we often highlight articles written by Christians and posted on various websites, blogs, and/or micro-blogs. This week, however, we have translated a sermon by Pastor Chen, of the Fangshan Church in Beijing. It was delivered on February 8, 2015, and posted to the church website shortly after that. In it, Pastor Chen uses 1 Samuel 15 to remind the congregation of the importance of obedience.

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What Should the Chinese Church Pass on to the Nations Part 2

Earlier this month, the mainland publication Church China published a long article examining the importance of solid theological preparation for Chinese involved in the Great Commission. Last week we translated portions of the article. In part two, we continue with the translated portions, followed by short summaries and observations by the translator (in italics).

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Welcome to the City

Reaching the cities of China requires an urban strategy and the combined efforts of church. Serving the city, seeking good for the city expresses God's love for the city and contributes to carrying out his plan for the city.

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Ten Reasons I am a Christian

A Chinese Christian blogger offers ten reasons for being a Christian.

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Gospel Power at Work in the Heart

Gaining a true view of ourselves from God is humbling and freeing and can spur us on to apologize for our contributions to conflict.

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100 Years of God’s Protection and Guidance (Part 1)

Turning Adversities into Blessings

History has convinced me that God cares about China in his missional plan. This anniversary carries spiritual meaning when we see that the Chinese church has witnessed God’s protection and guidance over the past 100 years.

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Make Me a Blessing in the Tension

Being a Blessing in a Hostile Environment

The story of Daniel has great implications for us as we face our own upcoming social changes.

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Bringing Up Men of God

A review of 陈织娘的一生 (A Wind in the Door) by  Mrs. Chong-Ping Tong. 

This uplifting book relates the story of Chen Zhi-Niang, an ordinary woman who raised six, world-prominent Chinese preachers. While her life was not an easy one, she learned to trust and obey Christ and experienced his leading in her life and in the lives of her sons.