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March 28, 2013

Pastor Jin on the Church and Social Responsibility (March 22, 2013, Chinese Church Voices)

The revival of the Korean Church is widely known and its influence cannot be ignored. After WWII, in the course of only a few decades, a small, poor nation became todays second largest missionary sending country. In recent decades Christianity in China has also experienced rapid growth and as one of Koreas neighboring countries, there is much to emulate and many lessons to be learned from the passion and experience of the Korean Church.


February 7, 2013

Is Xi Jinping a Reformer? Wrong Question. (February 1, 2013, China Real Times)

Better questions are needed in order to produce more useful analyses and forecasts of Chinas political development. Such analyses should start by recognizing two facts: First, the new leaderships various initiatives and pronouncements after taking office indicate that it fully accepts the need for change. Second to quote the American political scientist Samuel Huntington, the leadership is clearly aiming at some change but not total change, gradual change but not convulsive change. In short, the leadership wants controlled reform, not revolution or regime change.

View From the Wall

China’s Modern Family Problems

Internal migration is affecting the structure of Chinas families while urban family life presents problems of its own.

View From the Wall

Chinese Women in Transition

An overview of the changes in roles and opportunites for women in China. 

Lead Article

An Overview of the History of Chinese Christian Communities in New Zealand

Vogel describes the history of Christian mission and ministry among the Chinese in New Zealand. He tells us what has been accomplished in the past, what the present situation is, and new areas of challenge that have emerged.

Supporting Article

Reflections from a Foreign Friend: My Years with China’s Migrants

Reimer explains how the hukou, or family registration system, creates difficulties for individuals, families, and society. He addresses the rural/urban divide, then discusses how evangelizing the migrant “floating population” is one good way to fulfill Christ’s global mandate.

Book Reviews

The Factory, the Family, the Future

The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: A Book Review

Samuels summarizes each chapter of the book, highlighting the many difficult choices migrant workers must face. The author shows them in their full humanity, helping the reader relate to the struggles of migrant workers.


ZGBriefs | September 30, 2021

China’s Housing Bubble Puts All Other Housing Bubbles to Shame (September 27, 2021, Bloomberg) Pyramid scheme, house of cards, Jenga tower with half the pieces missing, intoxicated teenager on stilts.

Book Reviews

Chinese Students Return Home—To What?

Bieler shines a spotlight on the reception experienced by Chinese students as they settled back into their home locations. The story of these students educated in the US between 1850 and 1930 and the difficulties they faced is aptly and entertainingly told in this book.

Blog Entries

The COVID-Era Preflight Checklist

We left China to make a quick trip back to the States. A “quick trip” used to be two weeks. Now it cannot be shorter than a month. The flight used to take us 24 hours door to door; this time it was 48 hours. However, what made this trip different was not the longer flight time or the total length but the ongoing uncertainty and inability to plan much beyond the next step.