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The End of Cheap China

A new book is on its way and this will be of interest especially to those involved in business one way or another. It's supposed to be out in December so if you get this as a Christmas present and read this book, please do post a review.

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The Future of Business as Mission in China

A look at benefits of "business as mission" for China and the trends in the China that will affect its viability and potential impact.


ZGBriefs | May 24, 2018

Baozi vs. Jiaozi (May 20, 2018, Transparent Language) Both are cheap, delicious little bundles of joy, so you really can’t go wrong either way.

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Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China

Clearing the quarantine and monitoring requirements from arrival to residence.

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The Christian World They Made Together: 1850–1911

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (1)

The author explains the growth of the Chinese diaspora and Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada as well as the events that gave birth to North American Chinese Christianity.


ZGBriefs | August 10, 2017

'China has conquered Kenya': Inside Beijing's new strategy to win African hearts and minds (August 7, 2017, The Los Angeles Times)
As a digital infrastructure provider, StarTimes is helping African states transition from analog television — a technology akin to FM radio, rife with snow, static and dropped signals — to digital, which ensures high-quality image and sound. As a pay-TV company, it is stacking its networks with pro-China broadcasts. As both, it is materially improving the lives of countless Africans, then making China’s role in those improvements impossible to ignore.


ZGBriefs | December 15, 2016

Lost lives: the battle of China's invisible children to recover missed years (December 14, 2016, Reuters)
Ending the one-child policy has left people like Li scrambling to make up for lost years, resentful as they fear this recognition may have come too late and unsure what the government is going to do to help them make up for those years. Li missed out on an education and struggled to learn everything by herself, using library books borrowed under her elder sister's name with her family unable to afford a tutor.

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Dr. Lewis and the Chinese Church

Has China reached the Lewis Turning Point? What does that mean for migrant workers in China?

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Stewarding the Environment

China’s Energy Future

Taking a look at the global implications of China's environmental crisis. 


June 19, 2014

News from and about China.