What Is It Like to Be a Christian in China?

Being a Christian in today’s China is challenging in many ways. The difficulties are not just political but social, cultural, and material in nature as well. As the global church, the more we understand the context of Chinese Christians, the better we can support and effectively serve the church in China.

This webinar, presented on September 5, 2019 by Dr. Mary Li Ma, a research scholar at the Henry Institute of Christianity and Public Life at Calvin University, explores the historical, social, and political context for Christians in China, as well as the external and internal challenges they face.

It touches on three broad topics:

1. China’s changing tolerance of Christian growth

2. Living as Christian communities in urbanizing China

3. Walking the narrow path in a more restrictive environment.

Feedback from participants in the live webinar:

China is a current hot topic in the news. Everything from trade wars, suppression of minorities, surveillance, and Hong Kong protests. For those of us involved in ministry to Chinese people it can be hard to see through all this and understand what it’s like to be a Christian in China today. ChinaSource, together with Mary Li Ma, produced a webinar on this topic which was run on September 5, 2019. The webinar was recorded and the video is now available online. It’s not an exhaustive analysis of China but a concise and accessible look at some of the key issues that Christians are facing today. The recording is only an hour long, including the Q & A session at the end. . . . Our ministry in Australia is planning to use this video along with an online discussion forum as part of our training program for ISM workers. This is something you could easily do for your team as well to equip them with up-to-date understanding of the China context.

A ministry leader in Australia

If you are working with or even just praying for China, please check out this webinar! Today, depending on your news source, there can be many opinions and conflicting messages regarding what is happening with the church in China. It was clarifying, equipping, and refreshing to hear from a native Chinese a concise understanding of what is happening with our brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe. One thing was reaffirmed for me; everything you hear about China is true somewhere in China, but not everywhere! And that God’s good plan is in control.

Nick Romanin, international student ministry in the United States.

During a season of many unknowns in China, I found this webinar extremely helpful.  Dr. Mary Li Ma gave us an overview of China’s history, helping us see trends that have repeated themselves. From there, participants were able to ask specific questions, and Mary and Joann’s answers added clarity and insight for everyone.  My favorite piece of advice was, “We must all live in a place of informed awareness.” I encourage you to listen to this webinar, and join the next one!

A ministry leader in the United States

Watch the webinar with Dr. Mary Li Ma on our YouTube channel and consider subscribing to be notified when new webinars are available.

Image credit: ChinaSource
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