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The Church in China Today

It’s Not What You Think

The religious climate in China, especially for Christians, may be messy but it’s not beyond understanding. This course, The Church in China Today, offers a comprehensive overview of the church in China, ranging from a historical understanding of how far the church has come, to the struggles it endures in present day, to common misconceptions about the state of the church.

What’s inside?

  • An overview of the different narratives that dominate our understanding of the church in China.
  • A historical overview of the church in China.
  • An introduction to the various “faces” of the church in China today.
  • An in-depth look at the complexity of the church in China, particularly as it relates to persecution.
  • An exploration of the lessons that can be learned from the church in China.

What you’ll get?

  • Five video lectures (each 10-20 minutes long)
  • Accompanying quizzes
  • Questions for reflection/discussion
  • A list of resources for further study
  • Training conducted by an avid China watcher, who has written and taught extensively on the church in China and on Chinese social and political phenomena and is the author of China’s Urban Christians: A Light That Cannot Be Hidden.


ChinaSource does it again! This course is filled with incredible insights and thought-provoking content about what is actually happening in the church in China. True, it is impossible to tell the whole story in a 1.5-hour nutshell. There are too many moving parts, an overwhelming number of juxtapositions, and superfluous realities and misconceptions about the 21st century church in China. Still, Brent Fulton and his team do a wonderful job of clearly stating the wide array of circumstances surrounding the Chinese church in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend this course and will be sharing it with our missionaries and visiting short-term teams.

David Joannes, WithinReach Global

Whether you’re simply interested in China or looking to serve there, this course will provide you with excellent foundational knowledge on the church in China today. The lectures are conducted by Dr. Brent Fulton, ChinaSource President and author of China’s Urban Christians: A Light That Cannot Be Hidden.

The Church in China Today

available free at Udemy.

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Brent Fulton

Brent Fulton

Brent Fulton is the founder of ChinaSource. Dr. Fulton served as the first president of ChinaSource until 2019. Prior to his service with ChinaSource, he served from 1995 to 2000 as the managing director of the Institute for Chinese Studies at Wheaton College. From 1987 to 1995 he served as founding …View Full Bio