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Rejection or Restoration?

“Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking,” recorded webinar now available.


Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking

For Confucian thinkers, shame is an essential element required for moral development. This understanding is foreign to most Westerners. Yet, does shame have a place in Christian theology? Is it something to get rid of or might it have a role in shaping our character?

This webinar explores the diverse ways that honor and shame affect our moral decision making as well as Paul’s use of these ideas within his letters.

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5 Sermons from China

An opportunity to “step away from delivering thoughts about the Chinese house church and instead offer the English-speaking world a chance to sit directly at the feet of our Chinese brothers and sisters.”

Resource Corner

The Collected Works of Watchman Nee

The books, articles, and sermons of Watchman Nee are available online in both Chinese and English. 

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Who Is Doing Public Theology in China?

A Book Review

A review of Alexander Chow's Chinese Public Theology: Generational Shifts and Confucian Imagination in Chinese Christianity.


One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization

The Bible tells us what to believe—the gospel. It also shows how to contextualize the gospel? In One Gospel for All Nations, Jackson Wu explains practically why we must not choose between the Bible and culture highlights implications for both missionaries and theologians. Contextualization should be practical, not pragmatic; theological, not theoretical.


Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame

EMS Dissertation Series

Years ago, the author had a startling realization. Theologians and pastors have long taught on the glory of God and its central importance in the Bible. However, because he was living in East Asia, it also dawned on the author that this sort of talk about God’s glory, praising Him, and magnifying His name was simply another way of talking about honor and shame. 

CSQ Article

Union with Christ and Contextualization in China

Theological Contextualization in China

Dr. Sun proposes that the theological concept of “union with Christ” has elements that intersect with Chinese culture and can aid in presenting the gospel.

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I Was Wrong

A Retraction of My Criticism of Chloë Starr’s Chinese Theology

A second look at Chinese Theology, an apology, and a way forward.


Wise Man from the East

Lit-sen Chang: Critique of Indigenous Theology; Critique of Humanism

Wise Man from the East: Lit-sen Chang, is the gathering together of two of Lit-sen Chang's publications, Critique of Indigenous Theology and Critique of Humanism, published here in English for the first time. These two essays provide excellent examples of his wide learning, insightful analysis, powerful writing, and firm commitment to historic Christianity.