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Counseling in China—More “Same Same, but Different”

In the wake of COVID-19, what is available and accepted for dealing with mental health issues?

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Lockdown Is Over, but Life Is Still Not Normal

Anxiety and depression have increased around the world during the coronavirus in 2020 and China is no exception.

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Outsourced Children

A Book Review

A must-read for anyone involved with orphaned or abandoned children and the programs that care for them in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

More Hope for the Future

In this short video profile, China Christian Daily sketches the work of Home of Hope, a Christian orphanage in Hebei province. The video gives a touching peek into one of the ways Chinese Christians impact society.

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Wendy Blazes a Trail

Nearly 10 years ago, at the age of 15, Wendy (Su Ying) joined our family here at Shepherd's Field Children's Village from her home orphanage in Fuzhou. Wendy was born with paraplegia, which left her unable to walk or actively move her body from the waist down. Regardless of her physical limitations, Wendy proved to be a smart, active, innovative, and confident young woman who truly has a heart for others.

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Not Enough Hands

My love for China started in 1973 when I was adopted by Chinese immigrants in America. My heart for adoption sent me to China in 2007 to welcome my adopted Chinese daughter into my family. These two elements of who I am brought me and my family to live, breathe, and become a part of China’s heartbeat in Tianjin five years ago.

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Zhou Ma’s Vision

Last week we interviewed Kerry Schottelkorb, Director of Advancement for Christian Action Asia, about his organizations work with disabled orphans in China. Here is the story of one of the orphans they have cared for.

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3 Questions: Kerry Schottelkorb

A Home for the Forgotten in Qinghai

A ChinaSource 3 Questions interview with Kerry Schottelkorb, Director of Advancement for Christian Action Asia (CAA).

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A Forgotten People

The latest issue of China Source Quarterly shines a spotlight on a people often overlooked in China—those with disablities.