Religion in China

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An Invitation from a Friend

A special invitation for ChinaSource readers.

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Mao’s Black Box: Resilience and Religious Revival in Wenzhou

A Book Review

"It is curious, however, that to this day the Mao years remain the least studied period in the history of religion in modern China." This book helps fill that gap.

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Visualizing the Complexity

An Infographic

"Like everything else about China, the landscape of religious life is quite complicated."

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From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao

A Book Review

A survey of more than 60 figures and creatures from Chinese mythical, historical, and religious sources.

Book Reviews

Red, Black, and Gray

Mapping Religion in China

This atlas provides a detailed examination of the religious landscape in China. In addition to its helpful maps, it includes detailed descriptions and analysis along with photographs depicting the religious life of China.

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Religion in China—By the Numbers

Some interesting statistics from the new government White Paper on religious belief and practice in China. 

CSQ Article

Communicating the Gospel with Power among China’s Animistic Peoples

Cultural Contextualization in China

Roland defines animism, recognizes the anxieties of animistic peoples, and considers three areas of importance when applying the gospel to them.

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China’s Religious Revival

A genuine "must-read" for those seeking to understand the complexities of religious life in China today. 

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Christianity and China’s “Religious Ecology”

In China, the study of religion as an academic discipline has been gaining momentum in recent years. Centers and institutes for the study of religion have been established at numerous top-tier Chinese universities. As research on religion in China grows, indigenous theories regarding the role of religion in Chinese society and culture are also being constructed and debated. One theoretical framework of note is the “religious ecology” model.

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Recent Articles on Islam in China

Last week Brent wrote about a Christian serving among China’s Muslims who joined in the Muslim celebration of Ramadan. Given the fact that we are now at the halfway point of the month of fasting, I thought it would be a good time to highlight some recent articles and resources about Islam in China.