Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for a fascinating event in the historic Nazareth Chapel at the University of Northwestern-St.Paul on Friday, April 5. I’Ching Thomas of OM International will present a free lecture titled “Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response.” I’Ching Thomas will explore the notion of human flourishing in Chinese […]

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Rest? Is It Permitted?

Some Observations on Rest in the Chinese Cultural Context

What is the Chinese concept of rest? How does it interact with the Chinese values of shame and “face”? The author explores these topics and their interaction with the biblical teaching about rest.

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Free Webinar: “Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking”

Exploring the diverse ways that honor and shame affect our moral decision making as well as Paul’s use of these ideas within his letters.

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A Book about Balthasar and Why You Should Read It

A ChinaSource Conversation

I hope that this interview might draw some attention to the careful work Dr. Brown has presented in this volume, and that its contents might enrich Christian theological thinking.

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Balthasar in Light of Early Confucianism

An Interview with Joshua Brown

In this interview Dr. Jesse Ciccotti talks with Dr. Joshua Brown about his monograph Balthasar in Light of Early Confucianism, published by University of Notre Dame Press in 2020.


Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking

For Confucian thinkers, shame is an essential element required for moral development. This understanding is foreign to most Westerners. Yet, does shame have a place in Christian theology? Is it something to get rid of or might it have a role in shaping our character?

This webinar explores the diverse ways that honor and shame affect our moral decision making as well as Paul’s use of these ideas within his letters.

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Online Event: The Role of Confucian and Christian Dialogue in the China Puzzle

A lecture in the ongoing series being presented by the US-China Catholic Association, the China Academic Consortium, and ChinaSource.

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Christians and Confucians on Human Nature: A Reader Responds

In short, a strong parallel is evident in the many aspects of Confucius’ teachings and the redemptive gospel in addressing the inadequacy of the human condition. However, what has fallen short in Confucius’ solution was his optimism in the very nature of humanity that needs restoration. 

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The Confucian World

I haven’t actually read this book, but it looks like a good one to add to my reading list: Confucius and the World He Created, by Michael Schuman.

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Are Confucian Values Biblical?

In a recent interview in the ChinaSource Quarterly, Purdue professor Yang Fenggang is quoted as saying that "the Chinese Christian church has become an institutional base for passing on transformed Confucian values to younger generations." Dr. Yang, a sociologist and Director of the Center on Religion and Society at Purdue University, does not necessarily see Confucianism and Christianity as being in competition with one another. Rather, he encourages Christians to seek common ground where possible.