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Churches Seeking to Stay Online

New regulations governing online religious content came into effect on March 1 of this year. If strictly enforced, the regulations could severely restrict the use of online tools for ministry and outreach by Christians in China. Here's a brief update on how churches are responding.

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National People’s Congress 2022

A Reading Roundup

The annual gathering of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress concluded in Beijing last week. Here are articles and resources about that key event.

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

What can we learn from the recent conference on religious work? A comparison with the 2018 conference helps tease out key points.

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Raising the Walls of the Sandbox

As churches in China experience continued tightening, it’s worth considering the wider context of the measures and what their broader purpose is.

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Reformed Churches and Church/State Relationships

China’s Reformed churches have a unified view stating that there is separation between church and state: they are two different domains. Since the application of this principle varies by region, the author summarizes four differing perspectives.

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Half a Dozen Plenums

The Sixth Plenum just finished a four-day meeting. What might the resolution that came out of the meeting mean for the church in China?

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Opportunities in the Light of Kingdom Identities

As a Christian in Hong Kong, I am not only interested in the economic aspects of consolidation with our neighboring city; I am also interested in cross-border and cross-cultural exchanges of spiritual life between the communities. While the government creates synergy through conjoining the strengths of the two cities, we should explore whether the interaction between the Christians of the two locations can give rise to new opportunities for kingdom ministries.

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Getting Rid of the Grey

5 Years into the Overseas NGO Law

When I was in China, those of us working in the NGO space would often lament the lack of a comprehensive legal framework for Overseas NGOs to operate in China. In 2016, we got what we wanted—only it wasn’t really what we wanted.

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The Party’s Party

A Reading Roundup

On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) threw itself a big birthday bash to celebrate 100 years. In case you missed out on some of the coverage of the event, here is a roundup of some of the more interesting stories.