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Sometimes a Textbook Is Just a Textbook

And not a sneak peek at a new Bible translation.

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The Registered Church in China

Flourishing in a Challenging Environment

This new publication, by Wayne Ten Harmsel, will soon be available. An excerpt from chapter three is included.


Opening the Doors a Bit Wider

From the desk of the guest editor.

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National People’s Congress 2020

A Reading Roundup

The "Two Meetings," a look at what China claims to have accomplished in the past year, and where it intends to go.

Chinese Church Voices

An Offer the Church Can’t Refuse

And then finding a way to respond online in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Cross Removals Continue

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped cross removals in China. This article from China Christian Daily reports on one cross removal from a historic church in the city of Heifei.

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3 Questions: Sinicization or Chinafication?

More new religious regulations? What do they mean for the church in China?

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A New Phase of Christianity in Hong Kong

A New Phase in Hong Kong Part 2

Understanding and preparing for the new phase Hong Kong may soon be facing.

Chinese Church Voices

Weathering the Storm of Persecution

God does not permit an absence of trials, and they come today with beating drums. 
​Though the snow blankets the ground, the red plum blossoms are still bright. As persecution arrives, our love for the Lord deepens.