Chinese Diaspora

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Struggles 2nd Generation Chinese Americans Face

All youth face struggles as they grow up but 2nd generation young people have challenges specific to their situation.

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The Importance and Roles of Families and Church Leaders

We must talk about our God in a way that helps them see that he is real in our lives. ,em>We cannot pass on what we do not possess.

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Why Reaching 2nd Generation Chinese Americans Is Crucial but Difficult

I learned that there was a great concern for the second and following generations of Chinese Americans, because so many were leaving the church, and not following the faith of their parents. This “silent exodus” has concerned many Chinese church leaders and families for decades and it is still occurring.

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Bridging the Divide in Asian American Churches

A Book Review

"In the past three decades . . .  [n]ew and healthy models of overseas Chinese churches and ministries have emerged. Yet the same questions remain. For every generation that has worked through the generational and cultural issues, another has just arrived, or is on the way." This book provides a means to revisit the these reoccurring questions in a new light.  

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Chinese University Students in the US

The good folks at the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University recently published the results of a survey they conducted among Chinese university students. If you are working with Chinese students in the United States, it is a must-read.

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Where in the World Are the Chinese?

Last week the World Economic Forum posted a short video titled “Where are the Largest Chinese Populations Outside of China?”  Spoiler: Indonesia tops the list.