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How Can God Reach These People?

A Look at the Chinese Diaspora in South Africa

I went on a vision trip with other members of SACON to Eswatini and Zimbabwe. Chinese people were everywhere. God put them on my heart! Now I’m reaching out to them using fitness and sports outreach.

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Chifa Workers of Peru

The Chinese diaspora in Peru has been there since the 1880s and have given their new country a national dish. However, there are few Christians in the community.

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Reckoning with the “Ecclesial Diversity” of Chinese Christianity

Christianity in China and the global diaspora have taken on new layers of complexity, crossing many traditional boundaries. One of the editors of a new book on the subject reflects on what this means for the study of and working relationships in the Chinese church.

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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.

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The Chinese American Church as a New Community for Self-Identification

Thoughts While Reading the 2020 Winter Issue of CSQ

Understanding the cultural distinctiveness of the Chinese immigrant community doesn’t downplay the role scripture plays in reorganizing one’s philosophical frameworks, and the Holy Spirit’s role in illuminating one’s mind and hear—it helps us to further differentiate the substance of the gospel and the outward forms of the gospel.

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平安夜, Silent Night!

Sung by the Chicago Chinese Christian Chorale.

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Gaining Perspective on the Chinese American Christian Diaspora

We are grateful to the contributors of the winter ChinaSource Quarterly for providing us the opportunity to be richly informed in such a crucial season. I hope we can all come to this reading as humble learners, challenged to seek, understand, and grow.

ChinaSource Perspective

A Rich Historical Ride

The president of ChinaSource, Rev. Schottelkorb, points out some of the highlights of this issue, especially the comprehensive historical context of Chinese Christianity in North America.

Book Reviews

America for Americans

A Book Review

In her book, Lee examines the ways xenophobia manifests itself, and how it has been directed at specific groups of immigrants throughout American history. From the pre-Revolutionary War period to the Muslim Ban of 2017, this book points out that the fear of foreigners manifests contemporary social, political, and economic anxieties.