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A Social Scientific Study of the Chinese Christian Community in Britain (1)

Key Characteristics and Trends

The influx of BN(O) migrants has upended the landscape of Chinese Christianity in Britain as we knew it…At this critical historical juncture, the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) initiated the “Bible and the Chinese Community in Britain” (BCCB) research project in 2022, aimed at developing an…understanding of Christianity amongst the Chinese population.

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A Chinese Christian Exodus?

Due to a number of monumental changes in politics, economy, and society in mainland China over the past decade, Chinese emigration has apparently been accelerating steadily…. What caught our attention is the very obvious and strong presence of Christians in ongoing emigration from China. A couple of unofficial estimates put the percentage of Christians…at 15-20%.

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A New Wave of Immigration from China to the US

The new group of immigrants from mainland China is very different from Chinese immigrants of the past decades. Are Chinese churches in the US aware of this new trend? Do they have plans to adapt mission strategies and approaches in response?

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Chinese Migrants in the Stew Pot of Dubai

A Book Review of Chinese in Dubai

The religious environment [in Dubai] prompts many Chinese expatriates to do some soul-searching… For Muslims… it has meant being in an environment where they are …part of a majority… They feel the pressure of having to be “good citizens” …as they are unofficial ambassadors.

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Being Chinese, Staying Christian in Europe

“We need to have the confirmation and confidence in the Lord that our first identity is as followers of Jesus, not as Chinese immigrants, businessmen, elders, founding pastors, or church-building pastors. Our most important identity is in our union with Christ.”

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Where to Work in the Diaspora?

Mission-sending organizations have limited personnel and resources to invest. How should they make good decisions?

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Are You Ready for the Diaspora?

For many ministries this time of increased religious restriction in the Chinese mainland has sparked a heightened interest in the Chinese diaspora. Here are four essential questions for your sending group to consider.

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3 Questions: Interview with Peter Anderson

Discussing the Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand

To learn more about the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands, Joann Pittman interviewed Peter Anderson, editor of the spring 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly.

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A Conversation from Down Under

3 Questions Video Interview with Peter Anderson

Learn more about the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands with Peter Anderson, editor of the spring 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly and our own Joann Pittman.

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How Can God Reach These People? (2)

A Look at the Chinese Diaspora in Southern Africa

What an exciting prospect to see Chinese people, who are themselves “scattered people,” raised up to not only reach their own in effective outreach and discipleship multiplication, but to also see them reaching out to the many unreached people groups in their new surroundings.