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A Summer Read to Enjoy Together

Join Joann Pittman for an online discussion of Beyond East and West by John C.H. Wu.

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Catholicism in China

For those of us in the Protestant community who are engaged in serving the church in China, it is easy to focus on our corner of Christianity, however it may be defined, and completely miss the Catholic experience. This webinar helps broaden our understanding.

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The Never Ending March

A Book Review

A detailed, yet thoughtful, discussion of the history and political circumstances of the Catholic Church in China.

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Chinese Bible Translation by the Catholic Church

History, Development, and Reception

Translation of scripture portions by Catholics began over 700 years ago; however, it was not until 1968 that the entire Bible in Chinese in one volume was published. The author follows this process across the centuries.

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China and the Vatican

After decades of a rift, things seem to be moving swiftly towards some type of agreement. But what is driving this, and why now?

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The Catholic Experience in China

Notes from the US China Catholic Bureau Conference held August 11-13 in New York City.

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“China Needs Priests”

When Father Ye Yaomin, a Catholic priest, returned to his parish in Foshan, Guangdong province in 1980 following years of persecution, his friends urged him to emigrate.

“China needs priests,” he replied.

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A New “Quarterly” and a New Website

The winter issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly has just been published. In this issue we explore the spiritual journey of Chinese people who are finding Christ and growing in him through the ministry of the Catholic Church in China. Brent Fulton, editor of the Quarterly, writes in his introduction to “A Window into Catholicism in Today’s China:”

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Experiencing World Youth Day as a Chinese Catholic

A young, Chinese woman shares her thoughts and experiences from World Youth Day which she attended in Madrid, in 2011. Included in her account are her reflections on several places her group visited as pilgrims as they journeyed to Madrid. She also shares the life-changing impact this event had for her as she dealt with issues of sin and forgiveness.

Peoples of China

My Experience with Chinese Sisters

Ms. Yang spent two weeks in China on a retreat with religious sisters from the Catholic Church. Many of these Chinese sisters were facing struggles with a variety of issues including the lack of proper formation, community, opportunity for growth, and resources to provide for their educational, personal, and spiritual needs. While not representative of the Catholic Church in its entirety, her experience still provides helpful insights and fuels suggestions for nurturing these sisters.