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The Joy of Serving Together

Within the ChinaSource community, we derive great joy serving alongside kingdom people who are committed, passionate, and gifted. This month we reluctantly say good-bye to one of our team members, as well as feature a friend and colleague who plays a key role in the ministry the Lord has given us.

Jon Kuert, who has been our donor relations manager, is departing ChinaSource this month to begin serving international university students in Minneapolis. This is not a surprise in that we always knew he would be with us for about a year. While we are sorry to see him go, we are so grateful our friendship and ministry partnership will continue. Please pray for Jon, his wife Elissa, and their daughter Gili, that the Lord will bless them with a smooth transition and fruitful ministry.

In light of Jon’s departure, we are currently looking for a new donor relations manager to join us on a part-time basis starting this autumn. A detailed description of the role can be found here. If you are interested or know someone who would be suitable for this position, please contact We would be glad to hear from you.

Kerry Schottelkorb

Introducing Narci Herr

Continuing our introductions of ChinaSource team members, this month we feature Narci Herr who works with ChinaSource publications. A little known fact, almost every piece of content that ChinaSource puts out each day is only made possible by Narci’s editorial gifting and tireless dedication. She’s someone you definitely want to get to know!

I married into China ministry. I met my husband, Glenn, in seminary: I was studying Hebrew; he came to do one more year of Greek before moving to Hong Kong—which in the early 1980s was about as close as you could get to China unless you were an English teacher. Glenn had already joined a sending agency and was ready to go as soon as he finished that year. Instead he delayed for 18 months while we got married and I finished my degree. I really had no idea of what I was getting into but I was sure that God had brought us together, so Hong Kong became my home and China our focus of ministry.

We spent just over thirty years in Hong Kong, 16 years under British rule and almost 16 years in the Hong Kong SAR after its return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. During our first 10 years we worked with churches in Hong Kong and for the last 20 years we served workers living in China. During that time Glenn traveled extensively throughout China and I taught Hebrew and theological English at a Hong Kong seminary and facilitated the sending of Hong Kong cross-cultural workers to other parts of the world, especially India and the Middle East. And we raised our four children.

Just before returning to the States in 2013, we began working with ChinaSource in the Hong Kong office. I have primarily been involved with publications and the ChinaSource website. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve those who serve China and the church in China from our new home in St. Louis.

Join us in praying for Narci and all that she oversees for ChinaSource. May the Lord be in all that she does, from the broadest plan to the smallest detail, that through her faithful service the church in China will be blessed.

The ChinaSource Team

Ways to Pray

  • Praise God for the two days of virtual meetings we had together this month. While we were disappointed we couldn’t meet in person due to COVID-19 concerns, the Lord still met us in personal and powerful ways and we came away deeply thankful.
  • Praise the Lord with us that he has been guiding and providing for ChinaSource each step of the way, throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Please continue to pray with us that we will hear his voice and follow his directions in the future.
  • Pray for God’s blessing and favor to be on Jon Kuert and his family, as as they transition into their new calling with international university students. (See above for more details).
  • Pray for the people of Hong Kong. The new National Security Law, which took effect on June 30, broadly addresses matters related to secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion. There are many questions yet to be answered. Pray for the church in Hong Kong, for wisdom and courage for church leaders, as well as all who are in authority (I Timothy 2:1-2).

News and Notes

On June 21 Kerry Schottelkorb preached at a virtual gathering of The Home of Christ Church in Newark, California.

Brent Fulton contributed a chapter to the book, China’s Harvest Fields, edited by Tabor Laughlin that was published in April of this year.

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