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Rapid Development, Limited Change

Yet those obvious developmental changes often obscure the reality that below the surface there has been little substantive change; "basic inequalities, limited educational opportunities, rural-urban disparities and political sensitivities remain "1

For both the worker who has been in China for years and the newly-arrived, keeping one's balance in a place that is experiencing "rapid development in the context of limited change"2 is needed for effective long-term ministry. In his article for the summer 2013 issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly, "Change, Stasis and Opportunity: Exploring China's Developmental Trajectory" Mark Strand addresses this issue and discusses current trends and future opportunities that need to be considered by those seeking to serve in present day China.

Recognizing the obvious, that the China of today presents a whole new set of challenges to expats who work there, we dedicated the ChinaSource Quarterly summer issue to "What Every Expat in China Ministry Needs to Know " We trust the articles will prove useful to those trying to keep their balance and serve the Chinese people and the Chinese church graciously and effectively.

Through the ChinaSource blog we hope to continue to point out and discuss the issues that will arise and impact the Chinese landscape in the days ahead. Already new legislature regarding the responsibilities of children to their aging parents is making an impact. Read Joann Pittman's comments on the issue in "Measures, Counter-measures, and Filial Piety."

Pray with us for workers in China to be alert to the realities of China and equipped to minister in that context.

The ChinaSource Team


1 Mark Strand, "Change, Stasis and Opportunity: Exploring China's Developmental Trajectory," ChinaSource Quarterly 15:2 (Summer 2013).

2 ibid.

For Prayer:

  1. Pray for workers in China to be well-prepared to serve in today's China.
  2. Pray for wisdom and vigilance to be aware of and accurately interpret the context in which they serve.
  3. Pray that we at ChinaSource will be attentive and aware of issues that need to be explored and assessed for fruitful service in China.
  4. Pray also for effective ways to convey that information to workers in China and those who pray for them.
  5. Pray for those who are moving to China this summer to begin their work in China.

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ChinaSource Team

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