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Moving Forward with Thanks

One of our favorite quotes about China is, “If you are not confused, you are not paying attention,” from author Rob Gifford  in his book China Road. Two of our staff are in China this month. One comment coming back was, “Five days in China and I'm more confused then ever. Which is, perhaps, not entirely a bad thing.” As we talk with Chinese believers we are hearing a wide variety of thoughts and responses to the increasing government pressure on churches and individuals. Vibrant online discussions are taking place on WeChat and other social media outlets in China. These differences have resulted in some splits within churches and fellowships.

Foreign workers in China are facing greater uncertainty. As the government and Party seek to exercise greater control over all sectors of society including education, students, teachers, and foreign teachers are facing greater scrutiny of their beliefs and practices. We are aware of some families who have had to leave China in recent weeks and are concerned for them.

We started November with an important Missio Nexus webcast on November 1 where we tried to outline the new situation for the church in China. This has been archived and is available online to Missio Nexus members.

In a recent call with Brent Fulton, he shared about a helpful week-long retreat in Colorado. He said, “We came away with a detailed plan for our sabbatical—things that we need to work on individually and as a couple, helpful books to read, and new ways of thinking about our future roles. We could not have asked for a more thorough and focused time of preparation for the months ahead.”

Our board search committee continues to talk to possible candidates for the future leader for ChinaSource. There are a number of follow-up meetings scheduled this month as both the search committee and candidates explore skills, interest, fit and calling. We believe that at the right time God will provide the man or woman to lead the ChinaSource team for this important ministry.

ChinaSource is also looking for people to serve in other capacities. This month we are introducing a section on opportunities to volunteer and/or work on the ChinaSource team (see below). Since we are a virtual team, location is not a limitation. We are looking for people whose heart is to serve in what God is doing in China and who have the skills we need to carry out our mission. We are praying that God will provide the people and skills we need for our team.

As part of our year end wrap-up the 2018 ChinaSource annual report is now out and available for download on our website. Working on the annual report is a good opportunity to look back and give thanks for what God has done for us, with us and through us. We are blessed to be able to serve the broader China ministry community. We get to meet and work with so many heroes.

We know many of our supporters give generously during these last two months of the year. We are encouraging all our readers and supporters to help us with our need of US$148,376 to finish out this year. At the same time we are encouraging donors to consider making their donation a monthly faith commitment to give regularly to our ministry.

We are thankful for each one we get to partner with and serve. We appreciate your interest, prayer and support as we engage more deeply with the church in China. We trust our efforts will result in greater impact for all those involved with China.

He is faithful,
Your friends at ChinaSource

Opportunities to Serve

Donor Relations Manager (part-time)

  • Responsible for developing and implementing donor engagement strategies.
  • Support existing ChinaSource donors. 
  • Work with ChinaSource leaders and board members for new donor development.

To inquire, please contact .

News and Notes

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for Brent and Jasmine Fulton in their second month of his sabbatical. Brent and Jasmine recently spent a week at a retreat center in Colorado and came away with lots of ideas and suggestions for how to best use their sabbatical time. May God richly bless this time for Brent and Jasmine.
  • Pray for those workers who have been forced to leave China suddenly. Pray for their adjustments and for discernment regarding future ministry focus.
  • Pray for wisdom for the search committee as they contact and interview potential leaders for ChinaSource.
  • As 2018 draws to a close, pray that the year-end financial needs of ChinaSource will be met.

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