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This past month, there have been two stories of particular interest and relevance to Christians in China and to foreigners who serve there. One was the announcement by the authorities in Zhejiang Province of a draft regulation limiting the size of church buildings and the size and placement of crosses on churches. The second was the central government's publication of a draft Foreign NGO Management Law, which would govern how foreign NGOs can operate in China. If enacted as proposed, each of these could have far-reaching consequences to both the local and foreign Christian communities in China. 

We at ChinaSource have been monitoring these events closely, and through our online publications, have been able to provide the foreign ministry community in China with up-to-date information and analysis. 

We thought this would be a good time, then, to highlight (and in some cases perhaps introduce) our various online publications, through which we provide balanced and timely information about China and the church in China. They can all be found our on our website.

The ChinaSource Quarterly is our flagship publication. Now in its 17th year of publication, it provides in-depth analysis on a specific topic or issue related to Christianity in China. The topic of our most recent issue was cults in China. Other topics covered in the past year and a half were Catholicism in China, mentoring, serving Chinese students in US high schools, and the interplay between Christianity and Confucianism in China today. Most back issues of the Quarterly are available to read online, or download in pdf format. The summer issue will be an in-depth look at theology in the Chinese urban church. 

In addition to the Quarterly, we also have three other online publications, which are published more frequently.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we publish the ChinaSource Blog (soon to be renamed—stay tuned!). We have a team of contributors who write about issues and events as they come up, as well as on other topics of interest to those serving in China. Recent posts on the topics mentioned above include:

Our Tuesday publication is called Chinese Church Voices. This is where we post translations of articles, sermons, and blog posts that are written by Chinese Christians and publicly available on Chinese internet sites. Recent posts include:

On Thursday we publish ZGBriefs, a round-up of links to the important news stories out of China in the course of the past week. If you're a China news junkie, you'll love this one! We monitor more than 60 different China news sources and highlight the ones we think are the most relevant and interesting for our readers. In other words, we scan the internet so you don't have to. Some recently featured articles include: 

If you haven't done so already, we would love to have you subscribe to any (preferably all) of these publications. Subscribing means that they will be sent to you by email each day. If you are already a subscriber to one (or all) of these, please help us spread the word by forwarding the emails, or by sharing them through your social media networks. 

You can also access ChinaSource content via our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.

Items for Prayer: 

  1. Pray that the leaders of China will respond to the comments and feedback concerning their draft Foreign NGO Management Law, by not enacting the proposed restrictions. 
  2. Pray for leaders of foreign NGOs in China, that they will be wise in dealing with what could potentially be a very new environment. 
  3. Pray that the leaders in Zhejiang Province will take into account the comments and feedback concerning their proposed regulations, and revise or refrain from enacting the proposed restrictions. 
  4. Pray for Christians in Zhejiang Province, that they will be wise in responding to these proposed restrictions. 
  5. Continue to lift up ChinaSource as we strive to make our online publications a valuable resource to those serving in China. 
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ChinaSource Team

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