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Enduring Values for an Enduring Mission

Since its founding more than 15 years ago ChinaSource has looked to a set of core values to guide its work. Much has changed in China over these years, yet these core values have remained largely unchanged. Here we look at these values as they relate to the current situation in China and to ChinaSource’s service to the Christian community in China and worldwide.

We value:

  • The unity of the international community, recognizing the unique gifts and roles of each part as all work together toward the accomplishment of united purposes in and through China. As China assumes an increasingly global role, this working together assumes a new signfiicance and takes on new forms. ChinaSource is committed to facilitating relationships between believers inside and outside China to further God’s purposes in China and beyond.
  • Ongoing learning, believing that an informed understanding of China and of the experience of the Chinese people, both historical and contemporary, is critical to effective service. ChinaSource publications continue to provide a mutual learning platform for many who are engaged in China service. In its training and orientation for those who are new to China, ChinaSource combines valuable historical perspectives with an understanding of contemporary issues.
  • Wise stewardship of gifts and resources, whose strategic deployment results in multiplied effectiveness. ChinaSource has often served as a connector of needs and resources. With China’s economic development has come the new opportunity to encourage China’s Christians in their own stewardship journey.
  • Indigenous leadership, seeking to support its development with local distinctives as well as a sense of its place in the larger body. Believing in the importance of hearing from Christians in China, ChinaSource developed Chinese Church Voices as a means of “listening in on the conversation” now taking place within China’s online Christian community. 
  • Holistic service, lived out through relationship, word and deed. ChinaSource serves a range of entities involved in training, education, business, counseling, healthcare, media and many other areas, affirming the unique role of each in advancing God’s purposes in China.
  • Transformed lives, families, and communities. Believing that transformation begins with the heart, ChinaSource collaborates with others to share mentoring, coaching, and spiritual formation skills and practices with Christian leaders in China.
  • Openness, honesty and impartiality in all relationships, research, and communication. Seeking to be a trusted resource for the global Christian community, ChinaSource takes seriously its role as a “neutral broker,” bringing a balanced perspective to the myriad issues and viewpoints surrounding China and its church.

News and Notes

SPEAKING: Brent Fulton participated on a panel on generosity at the Christian Economic Forum in Singapore in August.

INTERVIEW: A portion of Brent Fulton’s interview on Faith Radio appeared in Chinese Church Support Ministries’ August 2015 China Prayer Letter. (In case you missed the original interview, you can listen online or download it to your device as a podcast.

Chinese Church Support Ministries also quoted Chinese Church Voices in the September 2015 issue of China Prayer Letter.

Ways to Pray

  • Pray that ChinaSource would remain faithful in its mission, serving in a manner that honors God and builds up His people.
  • Ask the Lord to use the Good and Faithful Steward web site, a new online platform managed from within China, to encourage believers in China to glorify God with their treasure, talents, and influence
  • Continue to lift up our production of resources on mentoring, coaching and spiritual formation for Chinese leaders, as well as preparations for two spiritual formation retreats to be held in China this fall.
  • A new book on China’s urban Christians, written by Brent Fulton, is due for release at the end of the year. Pray for the Lord’s hand upon the publishing process.
  • Pray for Chinese believers who are working together in new ways to equip and send missionaries from China to the nations. 
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