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I am excited to write to you in my first few weeks as president of ChinaSource. You previously heard from our board chairman about the search process over the past year. As the new incoming leader I am excited to be following in Brent Fulton’s footsteps. Brent and I have known each other for decades. I have benefitted from and participated in ChinaSource activities over the years. To have a chance to lead the ChinaSource ministry and team at this time is a unique privilege and challenge. I want to add my thanks to all of you who prayed and supported us during this time of transition.

I have a lot to learn. Someone said it is like trying to drink from a fire hose. First, though I need to catch and pin down the fire hose. That is a large part of my focus this month. I have my first meeting with the full ChinaSource board this month in Hong Kong. I will also use that opportunity to meet with ministry leaders and personal friends in Hong Kong. Immediately afterwards I will head back to the US west coast to join our staff team. We will have our first ChinaSource Connect event for 2019 on March 21 in the Seattle area. We will also have the staff team together for three days of planning meetings for 2019-2020.

In recent months we have been brainstorming and considering our next phase of growth and development. We want to expand and deepen our relationships across Asia and North America, and increase our capacity to help the global church work together with the church in China. China continues at the forefront of global commerce, diplomacy, and mission. Even as the church in China undergoes a season of “winter,” the church is also poised to join the global church in making the Lord known.

One of my first areas of focus will be to recruit new members for our staff team. As our work expands we need to bring new staff on board to keep up with the growing demands and opportunities. We are discussing what skills are needed to take our ministry to the next level of effectiveness. Important requirements for any of our team members are a focus on ministry to China and a strong desire to serve. We are actively seeking new team members to work in finance, admin, IT and IT systems (see descriptions below). Please join us in praying for the right people to join our team and help us by referring any candidates you think might be a good fit.

Another area of focus is to meet as many of our partners, readers, supporters, and fellow China ministry folks as possible. As we schedule ChinaSource Connect events this year, I hope there will be many opportunities to meet with you. If your travels take you through the Los Angeles area, please be in touch to see if there may be a chance to get together.

Thank you for journeying with us, in our vision, our heart for the church in China, and our passion to serve the kingdom of God. We value your prayers for our work in this season of transition. Thank you for your interest, prayer, and support as we engage more deeply with the church in China. We trust our efforts will result in greater impact for our brothers and sisters in China and for all for all those involved with China.

He is faithful,

Kerry Schottelkorb

Opportunities to Serve

Finance/Admin DirectorOversees all aspects of financial and administrative operations for both US and Hong Kong offices. Responsible for forecasting, budgeting, and reporting. Reports to ChinaSource president.
IT Systems DirectorOversees all aspects of IT platforms and integrations. Responsible for Salesforce CRM system along with website operations. Reports to ChinaSource president.
IT/Salesforce Project Manager
(volunteer or part-time)
In 2019 we have several projects to upgrade our Salesforce CRM system. We need a project manager to oversee these projects.
Contract researcher
(project work)
We are considering doing a survey of those who have left China and need additional help with survey design, survey analysis, and final report preparation.

To inquire, please contact .

News and Notes

ChinaSource Quarterly, 2019 Spring Issue

20 Years of the ChinaSource Quarterly, edited by the ChinaSource Team

ChinaSource president Kerry Schottelkorb wrote in his guest editorial:

Welcome to a special issue of ChinaSource Quarterly (CSQ) which comes to us just after the completion of 20 years of publication and at the beginning of a new season for ChinaSource. As I am so new to the ChinaSource team, I have been looking forward to this issue which will focus on looking back, as we consider a collection of “best of” articles which have amazingly stood the test of time and are relevant to this day, hear from our contributors and readers, and review a bit of the story that brought us here.

I hope you’ll join me in traversing the following:

Go to “20 Years of the ChinaSource Quarterly” to read the full issue or download the pdf version.

A New Ebook from ChinaSource

View from the Wall: Essays on a Changing China by Huo Shui

The essays in this ebook, written by a Chinese scholar, were originally published in the ChinaSource Quarterly. Writing from a sociological perspective, Hou Shui offers a unique perspective on the church in China and its role in society, as well as its relationship to the party-state.

Staff News

  • On March 4 Joann Pittman spoke at a seniors’ luncheon at Osseo Methodist Church in Osseo, MN.
  • Hannah Lau was recently interviewed by Salt and Light magazine in Singapore about her time in China.

Ways to Pray

From the ChinaSource Team

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for Kerry Schottelkorb as he takes on the leadership of ChinaSource.
  • Continue to pray for Brent and Jasmine Fulton during their sabbatical and as they seek the Lord for a vision of who he wants them to be and how they are to live out their calling in this next chapter of their lives.
  • Pray for the ChinaSource board of directors and staff as they adjust to a season of change within the team and seek God’s wisdom, discernment, and guidance, in light of the many and rapid changes taking place in China.
  • Pray for God’s provision of new staff to fill roles in finance and administration along with IT/Salesforce operations.
  • Discussions we are having about the best ways to understand church growth opportunities and challenges in the current environment

From the ChinaSource Quarterly on “20 Years of the ChinaSource Quarterly”

  • Give thanks for the many authors who have so willingly given of their time and expertise to write for CSQ.
  • Pray for the ChinaSource publications team as they continue working with authors and managing content to provide up-to-date facts, analysis, and views on pertinent topics in today’s China.
  • Pray that CSQ readers will incorporate useful information and insights from the Quarterly into their ongoing service in China and to Chinese around the world.
  • Give thanks to God for his guidance and direction throughout the years of CSQ publication.

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