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Listening in on a ChinaSource Connect Event

In this issue of The Lantern we drop in on a ChinaSource Connect evening that was held last month in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Connect evenings are an opportunity for friends of ChinaSource to get to know members of our team, share about the latest developments in China, and get an update on the work of ChinaSource. If you’d like to learn more about hosting a Connect evening in your area, please contact us.

Brent Fulton

For the last three decades, Christians serving in China have done so under the general assumption that the country is moving toward greater openness. At a recent ChinaSource Connect evening, ChinaSource President Dr. Brent Fulton and Senior Vice President Joann Pittman revisited that assumption in light of recent events in China.

Looking back over the past thirty years, most of which was spent living in China, Joann spoke about four major transitions she experienced during her time there. These transitions, which highlight the major forces for change in China, have all had significant implications for the advance of the gospel.

Picking up on the overall theme of change and reform, Brent suggested that the trend may now be reversing given the “new normal” that has emerged since 2012. He specifically looked at China’s new foreign NGO law, as well as the new draft regulations on religion that emerged in September, as evidence of how these policy developments are specifically impacting Christians in China. Joann and Brent also gave an update on ChinaSource developments, including the launch of the ChinaSource Institute earlier this year. To hear their presentation, listen to this audio.

News and Notes

  • Last month Hannah Lau spoke to youth and young adults at a number of churches in Toronto, Canada including: Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church, Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church, Gift of God Church, Melville Mission church, and Rochester Chinese Christian Church.
  • On October 23 Brent Fulton spoke at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church in Corona, CA.
  • Joann Pittman spoke to a group of volunteers at the Hospitality Center for Chinese in Minneapolis on October 29 on the topic “Making Your Relationships Count.”
  • On November 1 Brent Fulton spoke Asia Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong.
  • The Gospel Coalition posted an interview with Brent Fulton about his book, China’s Urban Christians on November 2.
  • Brent Fulton was also interviewed by Sputnik Radio in Germany regarding China’s new draft regulations on religion.
  • On November 6 Glenn and Narci Herr spoke at Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church.

Brent and Joann speaking at an earlier Connect Event in Colorado Springs, CO.

Ways to Pray

  • Continue lifting up government officials as they contemplate changes to the new draft regulations on religious activity in China. May they recognize the church’s positive role in society and desire to further encourage believers in playing this role.
  • Pray for the successful publication of The Steward Leader and Christ-Centered Generosity, two books being made available as part of the Faith and Generosity Initiative.
  • Pray for the ChinaSource team as they assist ministries in adapting to the new policy environment.
  • As 2016 comes to a close, lift up the year-end financial needs of ChinaSource.

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