Brad Vaughn on Contextualization

This is an occasional series by Brad Vaughn (formerly known by the pen name Jackson Wu) dealing with issues of contextualization in relation to the Chinese context. The articles are being co-posted at Saving God's Face: Doing Theology. Thinking Mission. and here (with light editing for our context and readers) on the ChinaSource Blog.

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6 Approaches to Contextualization in China

We know contextualization is important, but not everyone comes at it in the same way.

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A Dictionary for Learning Theological Chinese

Mandarin students spend years learning the basics of daily language and only scratch the surface when it comes to spiritual and theological vocabulary. Here's a resource to help.

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Training Cross-Cultural Workers to Cross Honor-Shame Cultures

How might Christians from one honor-shame culture effectively serve cross-culturally in another honor-shame culture?