Tibetans in the Gyairong Region


This 38-page long Chinese language research report came out of one church’s involvement with a Tibetan people group in the Gyairong region of Sichuan. The church’s involvement with this people group can be traced back to the earthquake in 2008. A young, Gyairong wife was injured and her leg had to be amputated. She, along with her family, moved to Chengdu for medical treatment and later became believers. Eventually, the family moved back to their home in Aba Prefecture. The church visited this area every few months over the course of several years. This report covers the church’s involvement in this ministry and the lessons that were learned as a result.

A summary of this report appeared in the 2016 winter issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly, “Cross-Cultural Missions from China.” The article, “The Tibetans in Gyairong Region” can be read here.

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Johnny (pseudonym) has been involved in ministry in the Gyairong Region for several years and now heads up a sending structure that focuses on this people group.View Full Bio