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The Role of the UK Churches During the Acculturation of Hong Kong Immigrants in the United Kingdom

The arrival of so many new immigrants [from Hong Kong] in a short period of time has presented both local and Chinese churches in the UK with some unique opportunities and challenges. Zipporah, a student at Singapore Bible College, conducted research into this situation for a class on mission research.


Calling, Vocation, and Spiritual Formation for Chinese Mission

This paper is a brief discussion of calling, vocation, and spiritual formation as it relates to Chinese Christians in mission service and the churches that send them.

Originally written as an assignment in the author’s doctoral program, the paper is based on interviews with Chinese Christians about their journey of spiritual formation, their life callings, and vocational stewardship. Other relevant research is also included.


China’s Ambassadors of Christ—Chinese Version

China’s Ambassadors of Christ to the Nations by Tabor Laughlin was published in 2020 by Pickwick Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock, as part of their Evangelical Missiological Society Monograph series.

The book is based on Laughlin’s PhD dissertation analyzing the experiences of missionaries sent out from mainland China and delves into the cross-cultural challenges they face and other issues affecting their ability to remain on the mission field.

A Chinese translation of the original dissertation is now available.


Rhythms of Spiritual Praxis as Discipleship from Karma to Atonement among Believers from a Tibetan Buddhist Background

Anyone who has spent significant time attempting to share the truths of the gospel among Tibetan Buddhist peoples can attest to it being a difficult process. It is said that in 1892 Hudson Taylor said, “To make converts in Tibet is similar to going into a cave and trying to rob a lioness of her cubs.” Even after over 100 years this statement still largely describes the situation well.

This thesis specifically looks at the causes of apostasy and the potential role of rhythmic Christian spiritual practices for deeper and transformational discipleship.


Honor-Shame Culture and Its Impact on Chinese Missionary Retention and Attrition

A paper considering several Chinese honor-shame cultural constructs that could potentially encourage retention and avoid premature and preventable missionary attrition of Chinese cross-cultural workers.


Analysis of a Mobaituanti from the Perspective of Religion

A Case Study of the Church of Almighty God

A paper written by a house church pastor in China analyzing the religious nature of the Church of the Almighty God and concluding that it is a cult and not part of orthodox Christianity.


Social Service Ministry in China

While social service has long been part of missionary work in mainland China, today a host of different factors are driving Chinese Christians to explore for themselves the place of humanitarian concerns within gospel ministry. For a growing number of local Christians, loving one’s neighbor through acts of service is rapidly becoming an indispensable aspect of Christian witness. This essay will first explore the role of social service in the history of mission in China before analyzing its place in the ministry of the contemporary Chinese church.


A Survey of the Situation of Han Christian Churches and Christian Groups in Mainland China


The ten-part blog series, "God at Work: How the Church Grows in China," was based on church growth research done by Steve Z. This is the research paper, in both Chinese and English.


Tibetans in the Gyairong Region


This research report focuses on a Tibetan people group in the Gyairong region of Sichuan. The report covers the background of the people group and an account of one church’s involvement with them. It also includes a history of work among these people and lessons learned that can be helpful in bringing the gospel to them today.