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When You Can’t Gather for Worship

Three-Self Churches Respond to the Coronavirus Crisis

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As authorities and health workers continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus in China, most churches remain temporarily closed. Government authorities have ordered churches and other regular public gatherings to suspend activities until further notice. Yet, many Christians continue to minister via online platforms to their congregants. Many churches have taken to holding Sunday worship services online.

This short blog post from “Church Things” highlights ten Three-Self government churches that have gone online to serve their congregants. The services vary by church. Some offer essentially an entire service for someone to walk through on their own. Several churches provide links to a live stream of a Sunday service, while others simply offer a short recorded or written homily from the pastor. Many include recordings of hymns with text to sing along and a devotional for that Sunday.

Although many are confined to their homes, the word of God continues to go forward via online platforms in China. This type of ministry was practically unthinkable only a decade or two ago.

10 Links to Online Sunday Worship Services

During an epidemic, brothers and sisters have no way to gather together in person at church. In order to shepherd believers, churches in various areas have developed online Sunday worship services. Here I have collected links to ten online Sunday worship services, including live stream services and recordings.

Original Article: 10个网络主日崇拜链接(含直播、录播) by 教会那些事儿 (WeChat ID: gh_ad2e702cbbb2)

Image Credit: may lai from Pixabay
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