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The Power of the Gospel — a Miao Village that is 80% Christian

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This article, translated from the Mainland based website Christian Times, is a testimony to the power of the Gospel among the Miao people of Yunnan Province.

Wearing brightly colored traditional clothes and singing praise songs, the devotion on their faces expressing an innocent faiththis image of minority Christians in Chinas Yunnan province is truly unforgettable.

In the past, many missionaries were drawn to the southern regions of China. The Christians living in Yunnan province today are evidence of their fruitful ministries.

The village of Xiao Jing near Yunnans capital city of Kunming is one example. An Australian missionary came to evangelize Xiao Jing in 1937, and today over 80% of its residents are Christians. They meet daily to sing and worship, and every year they celebrate Christmas and other Christian holidays together.

On December 23, 2012, Xiao Jing residents wore their finest traditional attire to usher in Christmas. They sang together, hung traditional red banners that read Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace toward men, and meditated on the incarnation of Christ.

In Fugong village, also in Yunnan province, residents were historically known for their excessive drinking. Loud fighting and brawling were common, and inebriated men and women could often be found sleeping in the streets.

However, in recent decades missionaries have made the treacherous three-month-long journey from Kunming to Fugong in order to share the gospel. They created a written language for the people of Fugong, and a culture of Christianity has since become widespread there. Today, 90% of Fugongs 80,000 residents are Christians, the crime rate is zero, and the village government is in favor of its residents believing in Christ.

The growth of Christianity in Yunnan is truly evidence of Gods wonderful work. Many have seen the vitality of the gospel seeds planted there and continue to hope that more Chinese will hear the gospel and come to know God.

Original article: 云南一苗族村庄80%为基督徒 再次见证福音大能

Image source: Wooden Homes, by Thomas Galvez, via Flickr

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