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Praying for a Good Harvest

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This article from China Christian Daily describes a Three-Self Church tradition of holding a prayer and worship service in rural areas at the start of the planting season.

Tianjin CCC & TSPM Holds 2019 Spring Prayer & Worship Service

On March 16th, 2019, the Tianjin China Christian Council (CCC) and Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) held its annual prayer and worship meeting in the Beizhao Gezhuang Church at Yinzhou District. The service was entitled, "Planting Seeds Is God's Words" and focused on praying for the new year's ceremony of planting seeds China.

The Spring Planting service is an important event of the Tianjin CCC/TSPM ministry in rural churches. Representatives from twelve congregations in the Yinzhou District prayed together.

During the worship meeting, the Chairman and President of the Tianjin CCC/TSPM, Mr. Mao Yajun, cited the parable of the sower from the book of Luke, encouraging Christians to preach a gospel that is more contextual to the situation of today's modern culture. Scattering seeds on good soil means Christians need to emphasize fostering spiritual nurture, while at the same time attending to the regular duties of every day. After the sermon, Pastor Mao Yajun and the members together scattered seeds and also prayed that farmers would have a good harvest in the year ahead.

Original Article: Tianjin CCC & TSPM Holds 2019 Spring Prayer & Worship Service by China Christian Daily
Edited and reposted with permission.

Header image Credit: Potatoes and corn by Tim Zachernuk via Flickr.
ext image credit: CCC & TSPM via China Christian Daily
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