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Churches in China are increasingly looking for ways to use the internet to evangelize and encourage believers. The article below, originally published in the mainland site Gospel Times is about a church in Liaoning province that posts daily video devotionals online to one of China’s largest video-sharing sites.

Local Church in NE China Launches Daily Devotional Program Life Manna Online to Serve Congregations

In January of 2016, Lixian Church, located in Panjin, Liaoning province launched a series of daily video devotionals called “Life Manna.” (生命吗哪)

Each episode lasts three to four minutes, with Elder Yang Lijun presenting the devotional.

There are more than 100 videos available here.

The short messages are thematic, centering on a specific Bible passage. For example, the devotional posted on April 8 is based on Ezekiel 34:1-16, and focuses on abundant life with the Lord as the shepherd.

Original article: 盘锦礼贤教会创办《生命吗哪》系类节目-每集三四分钟(Gospel Times)

English translation: Local Church in NE China Launches Daily Devotional Program “Life Manna” Online to serve Congregations (China Christian Daily)
 Adapted and Reposted with permission.

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