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“No Apologies” Training Course

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Focus on the Family's "No Apologies" training course for teens is becoming a popular and valuable resource for Chinese church leaders and parents as they seek to help their kids navigate the difficult waters of adolescence. The article translated below is about how the "No Apologies" course is being used in China.

As parents, how do you have a good relationship with your children? As a teacher, how do you keep your students from pornography and early dating? As a pastor, are you confused about how to teach teenagers about premarital chastity? If your answer is yes, then Focus on the Family s No Apologies course will help you.

"No Apologies" is a moral training course for teenagers; even more so it is a weapon to use in a spiritual war. This next generation of Christians is facing a kind of disaster! In this vulnerable era, games, pornography, and violence are a constant temptation for children. How do we help them overcome these negative influences? Other than praying for our children, No Apologies is able to give help. This course prepares the way for the gospel by bringing people to church so that they may know Gods love.This course is based on character building. It promotes the protection of healthy interpersonal relationships and sexual abstinence until marriage. The course aims to guide young people to understand the truth about life, love, and sex for the sake of their future studies, life, marriage, family, and autonomous decision-making so that they will choose a holy life filled with responsibility and meaning.

The "No Apologies" project trains and equips teachers and counselors so that they can reach even more young people. There are already 2.3 million teens from 54 countries that have gone through this course, with over 1.6 million who have decided to refuse any kind of premarital sexual activity!

Teachers and students from different countries have approved of this course. A 14-year old male student from Thailand said: I never learned this kind of sex education before. No Apologies made me willing to keep my purity for my future wife, and it also makes me face my future studies and life more diligence. A Chinese teacher expressed, This course is very realistic. Its a scientifically sound educational course, and its examples provide guidance for the young.

The 2013 Spring training camp for "No Apologies" will be held in Hangzhou from April 6-7. An American teacher from Focus on the Family will teach this and a Chinese "No Apologies" teacher will interactively translate.

You can qualify as a Focus on the Family "No Apologies" counselor by completing the training and passing the test. With this certification, you can approach fellowships, teams, secondary schools, universities, businesses and other places of the young and unmarried youth to teach the "No Apologies" course.

Original article and photo: 爱家协会《无悔今生》课程帮助青少年拒绝婚前性行为

Image credit: Wikipedia

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