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Making the Most of Christmas

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The popularity of Christmas in China (primarily as a commercial activity) has given Christians increased opportunities to share the gospel. In the short article translated below,  a preacher in Beijing encourages his parishioners to be intentional about inviting family, friends and colleagues to church during the Christmas season.

A Young Preacher in Beijing Encourages Christians to Use the Time before Christmas to Spread the Gospel.

On October 26, during a worship time at a house church in Chaoyang District of Beijing, a young preacher encouraged the congregation, reminding them that the time between October and Christmas is the golden harvest season for urban churches. It is during this time that many will visit a church for the first time, and many of them will be seekers.

He encouraged the congregation, saying "let's work together for the gospel; with sincerity and courage let's invite our relatives, friends and colleagues, and even those whom we don't know to come to church."

He also shared his own experience: "I came to Beijing many years ago to get my Bachelor's degree. This is where I work, and also where I met God. I came to faith, and was married in the church. I grew in faith as a Christian and also as a husband in the church. If someone asked me, "do you love Beijing?" I would say that I do! As a Beijing citizen, I love Beijing; it is my second home.”

However, mingled with this love are pain and tears.

Although Beijing is a bustling and beautiful city, it is the same as other cities.

Behind the tall buildings, there are shadows. Under the neon lights, there are tears of blood.

Behind the facade lies all kinds of sin, idolatry, discrimination, and strife.

At the same time, the city is full of displaced souls that are anxious and broken.

Every Christian who comes to church has a calling and a mission given by God. The Christian faith is one that goes out and comes in (returns).

Jesus called his disciples to follow him, and then sent those disciples to preach the gospel and to make disciples.

Every Christian must receive this call, whether in Beijing or in your hometown. Bringing people from all corners to the church.

This is the responsibility of every Christian who works and worships in Beijing.

If we don't do it, who will?

Today, we must not only pray for our churches, but for the "above ground" churches as well. We must pray that all churches will be able to fulfill the mission entrusted to them by the Lord — to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Original article:北京一青年传道鼓励基督徒抓住机会 圣诞节前广传福音 (Christian Times)(Translated and posted by permission)

Photo Credit: ChershireCat@TO, via Flickr (Creative Commons License)


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