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On July 17, a Malaysian Airlines flight travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot out of the skies over eastern Ukraine. 298 souls perished. In the days following, many Christians took to Weibo to express their condolences. We have translated a few of those posts below.

On July 17, Yao Chen , a well-know Chinese Christian actress, reposted a news article about the crash and wrote, How horrible(.

On July 18, Yao Chen reposted several photos of the crash victims each with a short bio and wrote, Heartfelt condolences! 

On July 21, Chen Weiquan, a Christian Taiwanese Singer/Artist, posted About the MH17 event: many Malaysians are feeling very sad, and also paying tribute to the families of the victims. This time I feel that we really need to cheer on Malaysian Airlines. No matter how everyone feels toward them this year*, this still is the Malaysian Airlines that Malaysians have grown up with. When they were young it was the airline they flew on trips with their families, it was the airline they flew on trips home from university, they even flew it out to perform social work. Today I am flying to Taipei and I am flying Malaysian Airlines. Cheer on Malaysian Airlines together! Keep praying for MH.

On July 18, Chen Weiquan wrote, Pray for MH (In English)

On July 18, wrote, {Pray for Malaysian Airlines flight MH17} Lord, grievous news has come and the hearts of your sons and daughters are profoundly shaken to their depths. With trembling hands, we gasp at the loss of life that in a flash fell and perished. We earnestly give thanks for the peace that we have today. We ask you Lord to comfort the families of those who lost their lives, erase their pain and open the eyes of the hearts, make them see the briefness and frailty of life, to see the darkness of this last age, to see that the Lord is the only path. Only you have the answer to our lives!

On July 19, CCDM posted the identities of some of the victims and wrote, {Lives Shot Down Reflection on the Lives of a Portion of Victims from Malaysian Airlines flight MH17} Lets all pray together for the families who lost loved ones, let those who mourn receive comfort, let the facts of what happened come to light soon, let people value the ultimate meaning of life.

On July 18, G.E.M. aka Deng Ziqi(), well-known Hong Kong pop star, wrote, When the world is so ridiculous, life is so fickle, other than sighing with anger, maybe we should more actively share love. When you feel powerless in this world, just first start with the small things. Try hard to love each person you meet. Believe in the power of love. R.I.P.

On July 19 yyym posted, Pray for MH370 and MH17, May the departed rest in peace (## pray for MH370 and MH17)

Also referenced:Christian Times Article (Yao Chen, Wang Li Hong(Lee Hom) and Other Christian Artists One After Another Pray for Crash Victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17)*After the disappearance of MH370 in March, with many Chinese passengers on board, many people in China have expressed their anger at Malaysian Airlines.

Image Source: Channel News Asia

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