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Humble Chinese House Church Pastor Moses Xie Finds His Rest

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Pastor Moses Xie

This brief eulogy recalls the life and influence of Moses Xie, a patriarch in the 20th century Chinese church who endured more than two decades of imprisonment for his refusal to cooperate with the Three Self Patriotic Movement following its formation in the early 1950s. Following his release in the early 1980s Pastor Xie became a mentor to many young leaders and at times a spokesman on behalf of Christians in China to the outside world. He passed away in June of 2011, and this was published in Church China Journal in July of 2011.

Pastor Moses Xie, a senior pastor of the Chinese house church rested from his work and toil and returned to his heavenly home at noon on June 30, 2011, Beijing time.

Pastor Xie was 93 years old. He was converted at the age of 14 in a Baptist church. In the 1940s he graduated from North China Seminary. He served as the Secretary General of the Chinese Evangelistic Association and was the editor of The Evangelist magazine. In 1955 he became the editor of Holy Anointing Magazine. In 1956 Pastor Xie refused to join the Three Self church and was put into prison and experienced much suffering. The agony and suffering was so bad that he even tried to end his life. But God blocked him, saying "My child, your time has not come. My grace is sufficient for you because I can make things perfect through weakness." In the strength of that promise and the rich grace given to him by God, Pastor Xie persevered for another 23 years in a prison camp. Following his release, he was arrested a few times for preaching the gospel. During these times he wrote, "I offer my body and life as a living sacrifice to the Lord. Whether alive or dead, I am with the Lord. To repay the grace and love of the Lord to and to persevere in suffering is the right thing to do. The troubles are nothing compared to knowing God."

Even though he has passed away, his voice still rings in our ears. The love that Pastor Xie had for God and God's work is our spiritual heritage. Now he has completed the work that God had for him and has received the Crown of Righteousness in heaven. As we remember Pastor Xie, let us thank God for sending his servant to live among us so that we could see God's grace and glory through him. We also pray that God will raise up more good and faithful servants in the church in China who can follow in the footsteps of saints from all generations in the way of the cross, being of one mind to preach the Gospel, and building the church to accomplish Gods will.

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