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Do You Wear a Face Mask?

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While air pollution has long been a problem in China, particularly in the urban areas, only recently has the government admitted the scope of the problem. As a result, issues related to pollution have become a topic of conversation. One such issue is whether or not it is necessary to wear a face mask. In the article below, the reminds us that we need to guard against spiritual pollution as well.

Did you wear a face mask today? This has already become a hot topic of conversation on the internet. Day after day, most places in China experience smoggy weather. PM 2.5 has become a popular term with Beijing being hit the hardest. Face masks, air purifiers, and other air cleaning devices are highly sought after by urban residents. If it is so important to protect our physical health, how much more important is our spiritual health? Christian, did you wear your spiritual face mask today?

The recent surprise smog attacks have diminished air quality and visibility. The air pollution indexes in Beijing, Shijiazhaung (capital of Hebei Province), and Zhengzhou (capital of Henan Province) have the highest rankings. By midnight of the 13th, national air pollution monitors reported 33 out of 74 cities had rankings of over 300, which is considered severe pollution. These few days, breathable particles PM10 and PM2.5 are of the chief pollutants. Environment protection specialists point out that, other than meteorology causes, industrial manufacturing, motorized vehicle exhaust, construction, and wintertime coal burning all create matter that is difficult to dispose of, thus resulting in the striking decline of air quality.

To prevent breathing in polluted air, city residents have cleared all face masks off pharmacy shelves. Not only this, but air purifiers and products with dust proof functions are highly sought after items. Its worth mentioning that socialites have taken advantage of this opportunity to make face mask style a popular social media movement on Weibo (Chinas Twitter). Face mask pictures, GIFs, and graphics have gone viral on the Chinese web.

Peoples bodies need to be protected from toxins and pollution by wearing face masks. More importantly, dont we need to wear spiritual face masks to protect our spirits from being poisoned by the evil of this world?

Todays Christians must be alert. We must not only wear spiritual face masks, but we must also put on our God given armor to defend against the attacks of Satan.

Original article: Christian Times

Photo: Joann Pittman

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