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Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 for 2020

Chinese Church Voices is an occasional column of the ChinaSource Blog providing translations of original writing by Christians in China. The views represented are entirely those of the original author; inclusion in Chinese Church Voices does not imply or equal an endorsement by ChinaSource.

The outbreak of Covid-19 in China and its effect on the church and people of China was the major story in 2020—but it was not the only story.

Here are the top ten articles you, our CCV readers, were paying most attention to during this remarkable year.

  1. Wuhan Pastor: Pray with Us,  January 28
    A letter to Christians from a pastor in Wuhan
  2. Praying for Wuhan, February 7
    A call from pastors in Wuhan to prayer and fasting.
  3. Coronavirus News Roundup, February 4
    How have Christians in China been affected? How are they responding?
  4. A T-Shirt Witness in China, September 15
    Christians in China are not always as hidden as you might think. A Christian volunteer group in northern China is out serving the public wearing t-shirts that read, “Jesus Loves You.” How is such a thing possible in China today?
  5. The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on a Christian Official, March 17
    The coronavirus situation is like a wake-up call. I don’t know when my life will end; I don’t want to squander it anymore.
  6. Where Can Young People Turn? (1), October 27
    A Chinese Christian counselor talks about the current emotional plight of Chinese young people and provides penetrating analysis that is helpful to better understand the challenges that Chinese young people face today.
  7. The 996 Work Culture, September 8
    A Christian response to the high-paced, relentless work environment of China.
  8. In-Person vs Online Church Gatherings (1), June 23
    Exploring the relationship between traditional church and online gatherings and what might be the direction of future gatherings in the church.
  9. Faith through 9778 Days of Imprisonment, October 13
    Tortured by dogs and forced into confessing a crime he didn’t commit, Zhang Yuhuan spent more than 26 years in prison. He wrote more than 600 appeal letters and was finally released. What sustained him during that time?
  10. Untangling the Complexity of Chinese Bible Translations, January 21
    Which Chinese Bible translation is best? A Chinese professor of systematic theology responds.

And now we look forward to the new year of 2021 and continuing to bring to you what Chinese Christians are talking and writing about as they worship and serve faithfully in China and abroad.

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