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Building a Chinese Dream Together

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Since coming to power in October, CCP General Secretary and State President Xi Jinping has put forward a slogan that he hopes will define his time in office. Once promulgated, (like slogans before it, such as "Build a Harmonious Society), all sectors of society are supposed to reflect on and make pronouncements as to how they will work to bring this slogan into fruition. Everyone now knows what language must be inserted into every speech. The Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee is not exempt from this expectation. Below is a document issued by the President of the TSPM, Mr. Gao Feng.

Chinese Christian Three Self Church Patriotic Movement Committee President Fu Xian Zhuan, Chinese Christian Association President Gao Feng

Chinese Christians are fellow sojourners who walk the China Road along with their countrymen, an embodiment of the Chinese Spirit and an indispensable source of China's strength.Since God has placed Chinese Christians in this era, then He has [also] required us [as Christians] to bear the responsibility of the age, to understand the Chinese Dream, to identify with the Chinese Dream, to live out the Chinese Dream, striving to push forward the power of Christianity's ethics, the power of [Christianity's] credibility, the power of [Christianity's] charity, and the power of [Christianity's] harmony, and to work together with the entire nation to realize the Chinese Dream.

It takes great effort to realize a dream. Nations have grand dreams, the Church has lesser dreams and the individual Christian has their own dreams. We must integrate the lesser dream into the greater, have the lesser dream achieve the greater, and create a shared, wondrous [experience] for the nation, the church, and the individual. The Bible also has accounts of dreams; there they are a calling, a vision. Today, the dream of Chinese Christianity is to respond to the revelation God has given us in this eraa clear vision of Chinese Christianity that adheres to the excellent tradition of patriotismand build a harmonious, healthy church, being a witness in this wonderful age.

The Christian is also a citizen. The Christian's dream is the same as any other citizen's.[Therefore] a Christian must do their duty and give of themselves to realize the dreams of the peopleof our people. Only under the premise of achieving the Chinese Dream can Christians fulfill their own dreams. The Chinese Christian canand shouldplay a positive role in realizing the Chinese Dream. Presently, [that means] Chinese Christianity should continue to establish theological thinking, launch charitable activities, and push forward social services, working to exert the power of Christianity's ethics, the power of [Christianity's] credibility, the power of [Christianity's] charity, and the power of [Christianity's] harmony under the premise of strengthening patriotic resolve, not adding to [civil] unrest but being a stabilizing [factor], doing more things that are beneficial [to society].

The "Chinese Dream" is [a concept] that is very inspiring, and is an opportunity for Chinese Christianity to develop. The church should strengthen its infrastructure and its ability to bring people together and lead the believers to keep up with the times.

Original article posted by @ccdm on Weibo.

Image source: Joann Pittman