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BSF Launches Program at Haidian Church and Fengtai Church in Beijing

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This article from the Gospel Times website in October of 2011 is about the launch of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in Beijing.

The international organization Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) began ministering in two churches in Beijing this year: Haidian Church and Fengtai Church. The BSF meetings in the Fengtai Church will be for women, and the meetings at Haidian Church will be for men. An informational meeting about BSF was held at the Fengtai Church on October 15, 2011 at 2 p.m.

The meeting at Fengtai Church was led by Teacher Chen Wen Lao, from the head office of BSF, and was assisted by Yan Yan, a lay leader at the Fengtai Church. Teacher Chen gave an introduction to the BSF program, explaining how BSF established itself in Beijing, and stating that all sessions will be conducted in Chinese. This is a wonderful blessing from God. Fengtai Church will join other churches all over the world every Saturday from 2 to 4 to study the Bible. At this point, only sisters are invited to participate.

The Bible study classes formally began on February 11, 2012. The whole course will cover a period of eight years, but the content will vary from term to term and participants can join at the beginning of any term. Right now they are in the preparation phase, registering students, determining the classes, identifying study group leaders, and providing them with training.

At the same time as the BSF class is being held, the church will also hold a Bible study class for children between the ages of 6 and 11. The content of the class will include Bible study, Bible verse memorization, singing, learning the words of God, and singing praises.

BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship. It was started in the United States in 1958 by Ms. Johnson and has since grown into an international organization. At present, BSF is operating in more than 30 countries and has over 1000 classes with more than 200,000 participants. All courses are free of charge. BSF uses a comprehensive 4-level Bible study method with the primary goal of equipping the participants with a systematic way to study the Bible.

Source: Gospel Times

Image credit: Chinese Bible, by Wesley Fryer, via Flickr

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