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Baptized at 102

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This encouraging story from Gospel Times tells how a 102-year-old woman in Sichuan province heard the gospel from her neighbors and was baptized at 102 years old. Below is a translation of that article; pictures of the baptism are included in the original article.

Baptized at 102 

A sister from Sichuan who began to turn to faith at 100 years of age, was baptized yesterday at the age of 102.

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, a 102-year-old sister named Lei Shuqun from Jiangyou in Sichuan Province was baptized at Houba Christian Fellowship. The pastor who baptized her commemorated this great news with a WeChat post that has drawn dozens of “likes.”

Pastor Li Xianke told the Gospel Times about a brother in another part of the country who was deeply moved when he saw the news. This man contacted Pastor Li and ended up sending 500 RMB to Lei to express his congratulations. Pastor Li in turn was also moved by this brother’s love.

How did this 102-year-old woman come to faith? Pastor Li shared how when she was 100 years old, believers who lived nearby shared the gospel with her. In the two years following, she frequently attended Houba Christian Fellowship, which is three or four kilometers from her home. During the warmer months she walks, and when it gets cold her relatives push her there in a wheelchair. While Sister Lei goes to Sunday fellowship, believers also come visit her at her home, where they sing, pray, and share testimonies.

Right around Christmas 2017, Jiangyou Evangelical Church invited applications for baptism, and Sister Lei decided to apply. Pastor Li says, “Her mind is still clear as ever.”

There are currently over 200 believers at Houba Fellowship, and yesterday ten other brothers and sisters were baptized alongside Sister Lei. Most are in their sixties and seventies, one is over eighty, and the youngest is over thirty.

After her baptism, a joyful Lei said, “I am finally baptized. I have peace believing in Jesus.”

Meanwhile, on WeChat many well-wishers have left comments on Pastor Li’s post celebrating the good news:

How great is the love of our Lord.

Thanks be to the Lord.

I hope I can make it to 102 . . . 

Original English Article: 昨天,四川一位102岁的老姊妹受洗归主,100岁开始接触信仰, Gospel Times

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