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An Official Code of Conduct for China’s Pastors

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There has been much speculation and anecdotal reporting of what is expected of the church in China in light of the revised religious regulations and call of sinicization of religion. The China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement are providing guidelines through a newly announced code of conduct for pastoral staff.

A pastoral ordination ceremony

CCC and TSPM Announce Codes of Conduct for Pastoral Staff

Last month [October,2019], the China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (CCC and TSPM) adopted norms of conduct for Chinese pastoral staff. The norms were approved in the second enlarged meeting of the eighth CCC and the tenth TSPM, conducted on September 23, 2019. 

According to CCC and TSPM reports, the norms document highlights nine points: patriotism and adhering to the focus on sinicizition of Christianity, legal awareness, orthodoxy of Christian faith and doctrine, foreign infiltration, social harmony, social responsibility, morality, and self-discipline within the network.

The document says that the clergy must be more vigilant in recognizing and preventing the capability of foreign infiltration as well as to stand on guard against cults, heresies, and extremism. 

In addition, the document promotes mutual respect and harmony between different religions as well as inter-religious dialogue and cultural exchanges.

It also demands that staff conform to churches' rules and regulations with moral integrity.

Original Article: CCC & TSPM Announce Codes of Conduct for Pastoral Staff  by China Christian Daily
Edited and reposted with permission. 

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