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An “American Granny” on Chinese TV

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Eunice Moe Brock was born in 1917 in Hebei Province; her parents were American missionaries. She later spent her early years in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. She left in the 1930s but returned to Liaocheng in the 1990s to the land that she loved. She lived in Liaocheng until she died in 2013. Shortly before she passed away, CCTV aired a story about her on the nightly news broadcast. You can read more about her life here.

The public WeChat account called Window of Christ’s Grace (基督恩典之窗) recently posted a story about the broadcast and how inspiring it was to see a story about a Christian on national television. The writer reflects on the importance of Christians living lives that bring honor to God. 

ews Broadcast on the CCTV Network recently spent four minutes introducing the daughter of a American missionary, who is now known as the “American Granny.” Her life has touched many people.

Live out the truth of love

Life is like a flower that blooms quickly and like a dewdrop on a lotus leaf that soon evaporates in the sun. In the Bible, our life is compared with a blowing wind, a breath, and a vapor that appears then quickly disappears. How does one make the flower of our short life last longer and be more fragrant? An Italian proverb says: Those who own the truth of life, their lives can be extended longer.

Each of us should learn the truth of life so that we can extend and broaden our life. One who knows the depth of life can live prosperously, produce gorgeous flowers and bear rich fruit. They will no longer be self-centered but love their neighbors, be a benefit to people and honor the Lord.

Paul Allen, who established Microsoft together with Bill Gates, said that people think about the things they like, but what is most important is what you do to make the world better. Granny Mu Ai Lin, daughter of a foreign missionary, has lived a wondrous life.

The daughter of a missionary, a faithful Christian, and a woman of God, she has lived out a life with the character of a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Such a beautiful witness is the type of character a Christian should have. We hope more people will see the glory of Christ from this American old lady and live out such a beautiful life. When people see our deeds and good character, they will give honor to our Father in Heaven.


Original post: 央视新闻联播用4分多钟介绍一名传教士的后代“美国奶奶”,感动无数国人!(Window of Christ’s Grace)

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