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A Christian Band on Chinese TV

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Reality shows, along the lines of "American Idol" and "America's Got Talent" are popular on Chinese television. This article from the Gospel Times is about the appearance of a Christian band on the show "Chinese Dream," produced by Zhejiang Television.

Christian worship is usually full of unity, freedom and joy. However, only people in the church know and experience it. But recently, a band called Rainbow Come showed society what a Christian band looks like and how different it is from other bands through the Chinese Dream show on Zhejiang TV. On November 23, the Zhejiang TV show Chinese Dream released a video of their performance.

On November 24 a netizen  (@下一站Doreen) shared on her Weibo that Rainbow Come is a band whose aim is to share God's love and that their dream is to pass on love and faith just like they said on the show. The netizen also invited Christians to log onto the website of Zhejiang TV ( to support them so that their music can reach more souls for God. Until now, Rainbow Come has received 13,163 votes in just a few days, ranking first in the seventh interim of the fourth season of the Chinese Dream show. We don't know whether the Rainbow Come band will be able to go further.

Today, the leader of Rainbow Come and owner of Upper Room Rainbow Covenant (a Christian music caf in Beijing) brother Zhao Bingheng wrote this on his Weibo, Dear all, I am greatly moved by everybodys enthusiasm. In fact whether we can capture enough votes and earn the favor of the Chinese Dream show is now not our biggest value. The biggest value of this whole thing is to see your support and know that in Jesus Christ we share the same goal. This love and unity comes from God. God didnt put the easy way in front of Rainbow Come

Original article: 看基督徒乐队在《中国梦想秀》的精彩表演与见证 (视频)

Link to video clip of the band on "China Dream" on Youku.In January 2010, the Beijing Today website wrote about the Upper Room Rainbow Cafe Bistro:

Upper Room, a bistro-cum-live-music-venue, opened a roomier branch in Tibet Hotel last month. The new place, with its shelves of books, doubles as a reading corner.It has 20 table-and-couch sets that can seat 160 people and is decorated with replicas of glass paintings by the Russian-born French painter Marc Chagall. The Upper Room Rainbow Cafe and Bistro recommends its Ark of Noah (188 yuan), a meal for two to three persons made up of chicken wings, braised beef, lamb chops, pork ribs and vegetables.[ ] An amateur drama group named Hosanna performs during special occasions like Christmas and New Years Day. It is scheduled to put on more shows on Easter and Thanksgiving. During daytime the bistro welcomes book lovers and reading groups, who can use its collection of Chinese and English books. Upper Room welcomes book donations.

The next time you're in Beijing, check it out:

Upper Room Rainbow Cafe Bistro
Where: 1/F Building B, Tibet Hotel, 118 Beisihuan Dong Lu, Chaoyang District
Open: 10:30 am midnight
Tel: 6498 1133 ext. 2221

Image credit: Beijing's Morning, by faungg's photo, via Flickr

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