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Vol. 1, No. 1

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Measuring Change in China

Whose Yardstick?

The editor's perspective . . .

Lead Article

Thinking about China

Three myths that color our understanding of China.

Supporting Article

Striving toward the Chinese Century

A brief look at the past and the anticipated future of the church in China. 

Supporting Article

Christian Broadcasting

Facing the Challenges

Exploring the value and challenges of Christian broadcasting in China.

Supporting Article

Venturing a Glimpse into 21st Century China

What will the future of China look like in the areas of politics, economics, education, society and culture? Here are some possible scenarios.

View From the Wall


Window to a Changing China

Understanding the Chinese through what they watch on TV and where TV programming is heading.

Peoples of China

How Many Unreached Peoples Are There in China?

How do we define "people groups" and how many unreached groups are there in China today?

Book Reviews

The Cry at the End of the Century

Escaping the Trap of Modernization

The Trap of Modernization by 42-year-old part-time economist He Qinglian became a bestseller when it was released in China last year. Here the reviewer comments on this important book and its spiritual implications.

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Image credit: Lijiang “ancient” town McDonald’s by Sonja Laukkanen, on Flickr
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Brent Fulton

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