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Returnees to China

Vol. 13, No. 4

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Haigui – Writing the Next Chapter

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "Returnees to China" (CS Quarterly, 2011 Winter).

Lead Article

Working with Sea Turtles

One topic sure to bring up lots of entries on a Google search, some 47 million Chinese entries, has to do with "haigui" (sea turtles). This term, haigui, in current Chinese slang refers to overseas returnees, especially to the thousands of Chinese students who completed studies overseas, gained practical work experience, and have now returned home. How many of these haigui are returning as Christians? What kind of impact wil they after spending time in the West? Are there ways we can support them?

Supporting Article

International Student Reentry and Returnee Ministry: An Overview

Reverse culture shock, conferences addressing international student reentry and research are discussed. Many resources, with a focus on material for Christian returnees, are suggested.

Supporting Article

China and Her Returning Students and Scholars

The author considers the impact of history and the role that worldview plays in the lives of returnees. She then discusses from a practical point of view the issues facing returnees and the needed responses. She concludes with lessons learned by returnees.

View From the Wall

Rebuilding the Walls

How does it feel to return to China after studying in the West and beginning a new job? As a Christian, how does one manage in a job where others have differing values? Where does one find answers and support?

Peoples of China

The Expected and the Unexpected Journey of Homecoming

Is returning to China always the correct thing to do? What can the returnee expect once back home? Job issues, financial pressures and for the Christian, expressing faith, are all matters that must be dealt with.

Book Reviews

Salt and Light

Lives of Faith That Shaped Modern China

Dr. Bays reviews this three volume series of 27 biographical sketches of Chinese Christians of the modern era. These books provide reliable biographical information for anyone interested in the historical origins and early paths of development of recent Christian growth in China.

Resource Corner

The Returnee Handbook

On the Road of Homebound Journey

Help for those returning home to China

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