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Passing the Baton

Vol. 14, No. 3

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Of Starfish and Spiders

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "Passing the Baton" (CS Quarterly, 2012 Autumn).

Lead Article

Vision or Vanity? What Are We Passing On?

Both foreigners serving in China and Chinese are experiencing a profound shift in roles. Chinese believers are stepping to the forefront, as it should be, but what should foreigners be passing on to them? How does vision play into this and do we want to pass it on?

Supporting Article

Healthy Partnering

A Chinese Perspective

A recent and still ongoing ChinaSource survey of Chinese Christians, who have experience in working together with foreign partners, provides insight for those seeking to partner with and serve the church in China.

Supporting Article

Chinese Creating Pastoral Training Tools for China’s Churches: A Case Study

In their desire to create authentic, pastoral training materials, early on this team of foreigners resolved to work toward putting their national staff in posts of increasing influence and authority while they stepped into self-restricted roles of coaching, and eventually, cheering from the stands. The author describes this work which is still in process.

Supporting Article

Ways to Pass the Baton

Practical Tips

Encouraging and supporting local believers as they pursue God’s calling in their lives is much more difficult than simply teaching what is most comfortable for the teacher. Here are a few suggestions to help ensure that outsiders ministering in China remain focused on serving local Chinese Christian communities.

View From the Wall

Bible Study Fellowship in Beijing

Where to Go from Here?

BSF materials and methods are being used in China. The author looks at three influential factors for analyzing their appropriateness and value in Chinese society.

Peoples of China

Engaging a New Generation

The emerging generation of younger leaders in China will require friends, partners and collaborators who will come alongside them with a servant mentality and without agendas.

Book Reviews

Partnership Field Guide

Partnership Field Guide: A Step-by-step Process for Building Ministry Partnerships, visionSynergy, 60 pages. This document was prepared by visionSynergy for the participants of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization held in Cape Town, South Africa, October 2010 and can be found at:

Reviewed by Mak Hon Chiu

Resource Corner

Forget Not China-2013

Special Feature: Christian Education Past and Present

"Intercessors for China 2013" is ready.

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