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Equipping the Church

Vol. 1, No. 3

Articles in this Issue


Can the Chinese Church Say “No”?

The editor's point of view.

Lead Article

Toward a New Approach to Ministry in China

Are there effective ways the church in the West can help the Chinese church with leadership training needs?

Supporting Article

Western images in a Chinese mirror

Lessons from history for those seeking to serve in China.

Supporting Article

Reflections on Ten Years of Work with the Church in China

10 Years 10 Lessons

Ten lessons for those going to serve in China from someone with experience.

Supporting Article

Maximizing Effectiveness for Discipling Peoples

Seven steps to effective partnering.

Supporting Article


Chinese Culture with a Portuguese Touch

A look at Macau as it returns to Chinese sovereignty.

Supporting Article

Preparing for China?

What to Know before You Go

Tips for those preparing to serve in China.

Peoples of China

Discipling the Unreached Peoples of China

The Adopt-a-People concept has caught on, and many individuals, churches, and agencies are making a focus on a particular people group the heart of their mission strategy. Here are some suggestions relating to the challenge of actually reaching the peoples of China with the gospel.

Book Reviews

Counterfeits and Kings

God’s Chinese Son, The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong  Xiuquan, by Jonathan D. Spence, 

Reviewed by Tony Lambert

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Image credit: Downtown Ningbo by Renato Morbach, on Flickr
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