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Looking ahead—China in 2020

Vol. 9, No. 3

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Lead Article

Greater China’s Great Transformation

What is ahead for China in the coming years? What can we glean from China's past that helps us understand what may be ahead for China and for the church in China?

Supporting Article

China in Transition

Transition to What?

Based on papers presented at the China 2020: Future Scenarios conference, the author identifies four scenarios and some key signposts that may indicate the direction China is heading in the future.

Supporting Article

The Coming Third Anti-Christian Movement?

Learning from Modern Chinese Intellectuals

China has always been an anomaly. She is open to the gospel, she is resistant to the gospel. She is hungry for things modern and Western, she is stubbornly proud of things traditional and Chinese. How do we make sense of all this? More importantly, how do we gauge the mindset of China's intellectuals and leaders? How do they view Christianity as a religion, as a Western cultural construct, as a world and life view?

View From the Wall

China in 2020

Vol. 9, No. 3

Considering the changes that are sweeping though China, what will China look like in 2020? How are these changes affecting the people of China?

Peoples of China

China’s Changing Population

In any attempt to analyze China's future, the country's demographics are part of the picture.

Book Reviews

Preparing for the Future

A Tool for Strategic Planning

China 2020: Future Scenarios, A workshop report prepared by The National Bureau of Asian Research; held February, 2007 in Warrenton, Virginia. Forthcoming from ChinaSource.

Reviewed by Tiger Lily

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Brent Fulton

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