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Building Together to Bless the Nations

Vol. 13, No. 3

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A Shared Challenge

Editor's note: This editorial originally appeared in "Building Together to Bless the Nations" (CS Quarterly, 2011 Autumn)

Lead Article

Two Transformations

The Future of Christianity in China

As compared with any period in Chinese history, Christianity (meaning Protestant in this document) has experienced enormous changes in China today. However, achievement and problems exist simultaneously and challenges and opportunities coexist; this is an indisputable fact. People with different beliefs and standpoints have never come to consensus on their evaluation and understanding of Chinese Christianity. The current situation and the future of Christianity in China is in fact a question depending on one's perspective. This article attempts to organize the current situation and the problems of Christianity in China from an academic research point of view and suggests the route of its future development as well as the problems that must be solved.

Supporting Article

The Church, Its Impact on Society and Partnership with the International Christian Community

If there are to be more active and mature working relationships between foreign and local believers, it is essential that there be a better understanding of the degree to which local Chinese churches are poised to be able to take one the responsibility of helping their own communities and those beyond. The time may be ripe for there to be more dialogue on how foreign believers can transition from taking an active initiative in reaching out to local communities to that of taking on a more supportive, facilitative and mentoring role.

Supporting Article

The Four Pillars of Peacemaking

God calls his church to grow in peacemaking. While we will always face conflicts in life, through the gospel the Lord enables us to become Christ-like peacemakers. Four principles for becoming peacemakers are explored.

View From the Wall

Mentoring in a Chinese Context

Those who have mentored share some of their insights and discuss the needs of Chinese leaders that would benefit from mentoring. The role of foreign Christians in mentoring is addressed along with a look at how Jesus mentored other. Mentoring resources are suggested.

Book Reviews

Redeemed by Fire

The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China

Lian Xi explores the millennial character of the early Chinese Christianity and the churches relationship with the foreign missionary establishment.

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