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3 Questions: Interview with Peter Anderson

Discussing the Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand

From the series 3 Questions

In this video version of a 3 Questions interview, Joann Pittman talks with Peter Anderson, the guest editor of the 2022 summer issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly, “The Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand.”

Joann connected with Peter via Zoom to ask three questions:

  1. What should those of us in North America know about New Zealand and the Pacific Islands that we probably don’t?

  2. What are the key elements of the historical role of New Zealanders in missions to China?

  3. What are specific ways we can pray for the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand?

Along the way, we get to learn more about Peter’s involvement with China missions, the contributions of Chinese immigrants to New Zealand culture and society, and the ways that returned missionaries helped New Zealanders to appreciate their Chinese neighbors.

Let’s praise God for what he is doing down under!

Now that you’ve watched the interview, go check out “The Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand,” the summer 2022 issue of ChinaSource Quarterly. Peter Anderson assembled a stellar cohort of writers to shed light on what God is doing among and through the Chinese in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

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